MILO: Mar 02, 9.4

MILO: Mar 02, 9.4

Item Number: 1282-9.4
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Cover: Saeed Salem Jaber (QAT) sank this outstanding 210-kg snatch, on his way to sweeping the gold medals in the super heavyweight class at the 2001 World Weightlifting Championships.


  • Letters to the Editor
  • The Faith Factor by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • Iron Filings
  • Calendar
  • Captains of Crush Grippers: Who's New
  • The Iron Mine


  • Dennis Rogers: The Mighty Mite from Houston by Eric J. Murray
  • Matt Sandford: Strong, Silent, Scottish Games World Champion by Jim Schmitz
  • Inaki Perurena: The Best Stone Lifter of All Times by Lucio Doncel
  • Phil Pfister: Big Man, Big Results, Big Ideas by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.


  • Supplements From Your Backyard by Fred Hutchinson
  • The Definition Diet by John McCallum
  • Functional Strength Can Be a Matter of Life and Death by P. Whitney Richtmyer
  • The Intellectualism of Oscillation by Steven Helmicki
  • The Incline Bench Press by Bill Starr
  • Change is Inevitable--It's Up to You to Control It by Steve Brylski
  • Life in the Loft: Covering the Basics by Dr. Ken E. Leistner
  • Get a Grip on Yourself! by Charles Fraser
  • Teaching the Snatch by Mike Burgener
  • Assisting Your Deadlift by David Shaw, MA
  • How I Spent My Summer: Heavy Barrel Manipulation by Steve Justa


  • Quality and Security in Turkey: 2001 World Weightlifting Championships by Jim Schmitz
  • Big All-Round Happenings by Lee Gesbeck
  • Sunday in Sotkamo by Wade Gillingham
  • Petaluma Hits the Half Century by Merle Meeter
  • Scottish Masters World Championships by William M. Scruggs, Ph.D.


  • The Myth of Strength by Livio Toschi, reviewed by David Webster, OBE
  • Hermann Goerner: Amazing All-Rounder by David Gentle
  • Russian Men of Might: Georg Lurich by Josef Svub

128 pp.

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