2001 Creating Champions T-H DVD

2001 Creating Champions T-H DVD

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Pre-Worlds Training Hall

Ivane Grikurovi, in case you didn't know it, is the coach behind three-time Olympic gold medallist Kakhi Kakhiashvili, and his coaching style and methodology are unlike anything you've probably ever seen or experienced. Far from force-fitting each lifter into a prescribed mold, Grikurovi custom tailors each workout to the requirements of the lifter, and rather than attempting to squeeze the maximum performance from a lifter in the minimum of time, he views the building process as slow and progressive.

Here's a chance to see how it works in practice, as we went to Poland and watched, among others, Szymon Kolecki and Georgi Asanidze train under the master, one month before the 2001 World Weightlifting Championships. While this video will be devoured by weightlifting fans, coaches, and athletes, it has tremendous value for other strength athletes as well, because it demonstrates a training methodology that has proven itself at the highest levels of competition. 1-1/2 hours. DVD, NTSC version.

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