4 Grippers 1 Goal Training Booklet

4 Grippers 1 Goal Training Booklet

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IronMind offers 4 different hand grippers for 1 goal: superior grip strength and hand health. Use them as a team to target, build, and maintain strong and healthy hands.

This booklet tells you how to train with the winning team of IronMind's hand grippers--CoC, IMTUG, Zenith, and Left-Turn--for total grip strength and strong and healthy hands. Here's how it works:

  • Want maximum crushing strength ASAP? Meet Captains of Crush grippers, for low reps, high intensity
  • Need to hit your pinch grip or target your fingers one or two at a time? Meet IMTUGs, for low reps, high intensity
  • Need a gripper for conditioning and strength--endurance, one that feels silky-smooth in your hand? Meet Zenith, for high reps, lower intensity
  • How about a gripper tailor-made for lefties? Grab a Left-Turn gripper, the perfect complement to CoC grippers, for low-rep, high-intensity training

Want the whole enchilada, from more grip strength to improved hand health? Wonder how to train for strength and conditioning at the same time? Need ideas for prehab (injury prevention) as well as rehab? IronMind's 4 Grippers, 1 Goal booklet has some answers for you. It's free and ready to guide you in building your grip strength faster, stronger, and better.

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