Any 3 CoC Grippers Bridge Set: CoC Point Five, No. 1.5, No. 2.5

Any 3 CoC Grippers Bridge Set: CoC Point Five, No. 1.5, No. 2.5

Item Number: 1250-3B
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Unit Price: $65.85

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Detailed Description

Want to get the strongest grip asap? Choose any 3 Captains of Crush grippers and save--just $21.95 each!

Pre-selected Bridge set includes a warm-up, working and goal gripper:

  • No. 1250.5 - CoC Point Five gripper*
  • No. 1251.5 - CoC No. 1.5 gripper*
  • No. 1252.5 - CoC No. 2.5 gripper*

Think of training with three grippers, each with a different strength and each with a dedicated purpose:

Warm-up gripper : an easier gripper for doing warm-up sets, about 10 to 12 reps to prepare you physically and mentally for the hard work ahead.

Working gripper : the cornerstone of your training, this gripper is used for your work sets, the sets where you fail at about 5 to 10 reps, maximum effort.

Goal gripper : if you want to reach a goal, it helps to have a concrete target and that's the job of the challenge gripper; it's the next gripper up the ladder, the one you can't close--yet.

*other strengths of CoC Grippers may be substituted in set; please leave a note at Check-out.

No. 1250-3B (3 lb.) $65.85 ($21.95 each)

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