Any 3 Left-Turn Grippers: e.g., Trainer, 1, 2

Any 3 Left-Turn Grippers: e.g., Trainer, 1, 2

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Detailed Description

Choose any 3 Left-Turn grippers--just $27.95 each!

Pre-selected set includes a warm-up, working, and goal gripper:

  • No. 1485 - L-T Trainer gripper*
  • No. 1486 - L-T 1 gripper*
  • No. 1487 - L-T 2 gripper*

Think of training with three grippers, each with a different strength and each with a dedicated purpose:

Warm-up gripper : an easier gripper for doing warm-up sets, about 10 to 12 reps to prepare you physically and mentally for the hard work ahead.

Working gripper : the cornerstone of your training, this gripper is used for your work sets, the sets where you fail at about 5 to 10 reps, maximum effort.

Goal gripper : if you want to reach a goal, it helps to have a concrete target and that's the job of the challenge gripper; it's the next gripper up the ladder, the one you can't close--yet.

*other strengths of Left-Turn grippers may be substituted in set; please leave a note at Check-out.

No. 1485-3 (3 lb.) $83.85 ($27.95 each)

You'll find more information about Left-Turn grippers here.

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Awesome Design 1/28/2016
its design really fit for left hand, really recommended for train our left hand, remember left hand needs to be train as well as the right hand, and here is Great IronMind special left hand excellent grippers
Sandy Pramadi