Apollon's Axle™

Apollon's Axle™

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Not just the original--it debuted in 1994--but the best known and most widely used thick bar in top-tier strongman and grip competitions, the one that has more world records set on it than all the others combined. While the Apollon's Axle excels in strongman and grip, it's also perfect for anyone interested in functional strength.

In 2011, IronMind made a stretched Apollon's Axle for the World's Strongest Man contest, to be used in the squat event--where it's served admirably ever since.

Apollon's Axle Double Overhand Deadlift records*:

  • Men: Mike Burke with 235 kg/516 lb. on 20 January 2013
  • Women: Lyudmila Gaiduchenko at 137.9 kg (304 lb.) on 2 March 2019

Non-revolving, polished steel with natural finish; weighs about 33 lb. (15 kg). Two-inch diameter bar between the inside collars; takes Olympic plates and is the same length (7 ft.) as an official weightlifting or powerlifting bar; loading surface on sleeve is 17". To guide your hand placement, the Apollon's Axle has three knurled bands about 1/4" wide: one at the center of the bar and one about 18" on each side of the center mark.

IronMind Bars: Born in the USA and raised around the world.

No. 1271 $419.95

Check out the Apollon's Axle Double Overhand Deadlift Rules and World Records.

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It is badass. 6/26/2021
I use this bar for bench press , squats and biceps curl. It feels comfortable even for a 137 pound guy like me. About the rust , yeah it rusts quickly but we will not outlast this bar. Ironmind products are one of a kind.
- Clyde Mucka, NJ
A Great All Around Bar 9/29/2016
The Apollons Axle is by far my favorite bar. It fits well in my power rack and I have been using it for several decades now. The bar is strong and I use it for squats, standing presses, bench presses and standing heel raises. You will not find a better thick bar anywhere.
- Ronald Corte, UT
Awesome!! 8/5/2016
I love this bar. A top-quality addition to any gym and a great way to add thick bar training.
Axles do rust 6/5/2016
I have two of these bars, and theyre great for strength training, particularly hand strength. The problem: they rust at the drop of a hat. Ive written asked why they are not treated like Olympic bars which dont rust and seem to last forever. I received a reply politely suggesting that only wimps want rust proof bars!
The best 6/6/2015
Excellent piece of equipment. While world records are in no danger from me, Im proud to have such a high quality bar in my home gym.
Its really cool... 7/3/2013
Just got my bar last week, and its exactly as described! Smooth as hell, beefy, and looks cool with olympic plates or tires. The staff of Iron Mind were awesome too in helping ship it to me in Alberta Canada. Highly recomend both Iron Mind and the Apollons Axle!
Bringing true Power to Brooklyn NY 6/2/2012
Ok ive been shopping at iron mind and using their products for 4 years now and i gotta tell yah no dissapointments on any lvl.now i moved up to the big boy bar Apollons Axle.i got it, opened it and said thiis is going to be fun.Im currently trying to break all worlds records at home.SHOOTING FOR THE STARS.i HAVE COC 1 , 1.5, 2, 2.5, AND 3 Which i can close on a good day still trying toget the confidence to do it in public and be certified this bar along with my other ironmind stuff should close the gap even further now.
- Jason Barnes, NY
Apollons Axle 2/16/2012
Want to be a strongman?,You MUST purchase this!Great quality and value.
- Tony Vane, NY
Durable and does the job 2/18/2011
Ive had my bar for over 12 years. Awesome investment for your strength training.
- Glen Cochrane, NV