Bag of Nails™

Bag of Nails™

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Bending a 60-penny nail was a basic benchmark in the steel-bending tradition--but the strength of 60-penny nails varied all over the board, and there was no simple way to progress from easy to harder nails. Problem solved: since 1993, IronMind's Bag of Nails has provided a graduated and standardized way to master this classic feat of strength: bending a 60-penny nail. Bend away--and be sure to give a nod to John Brookfield, who first made short-steel bending an act of passion.

Our Bag of Nails kit includes:

  • 103 pieces of uniform, graduated "nails" (steel bar) up to and beyond the equivalent of a medium-tough 60-penny nail: 25 each of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4; 3 of the fearsome Red Nails; and 1 Challenge Gold Nail
  • one pair of official IronMind bending pads, along with instructions for bending
  • Tool and Travel Kit

No. 1236 (9 lb.) Bag of Nails kit (nails, pads, instructions, bag) $144.95

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get ready 12/10/2012
If you are serious about short steel bending this set is for you. Even if you are new to the bending world this set has a nail for you, and a few to look forward to.
- Daubrey, GA