Big Boy Dumbbell Bar™--sale

Big Boy Dumbbell Bar™--sale

Item Number: 1224-A
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Unit Price: $259.95

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Detailed Description

Even if you don't know who Chuck Ahrens* is but you're interested in building huge, strong shoulders, you should do 300-pound one arm presses. Load up our Big Boys with ten 10-lb. plates on each end, tighten up the Bulldog II Collars, and say thanks to Pat Casey for paving the way.

*Hint: read Bruce Wilhelm's article, "Chuck Ahrens: The Reclusive Powerhouse," MILO, April 1994, Vol. 2, No. 1.

Warehouse clean-up: Sale Big Boys are in varying states of imperfection, with dings, scratches, light oxidation, a bit of grunge. Brutally strong U.S. prime alloy steel in natural finish, 24" long overall, with knurled 1-1/4" diameter handles. Ends are turned down to 1-1/16" for exercise plates; loading surface is 9-3/8" on each end. Comes with two pairs of old-style Bulldog Collars and a wrench. A super bargain!

No. 1224-A (16 lb.) pair with Bulldog Collars $259.95