Big Boy Dumbbell Bars™ (single), with BD Collars

Big Boy Dumbbell Bars™ (single), with BD Collars

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If you don't know who Chuck Ahrens* is and if you're interested in building big strong shoulders, you should do 300-pound one arm presses . . . the best pressers around in the 1950s and 1960s could do these and thatís the gene pool that our Big Boys come from.

This single extra long, extra strong Big Boy dumbbell bar is perfect for presses, inclines, rows, deadlifts, and farmer's walks.

Brutally strong U.S. prime alloy steel in natural finish, 24" long overall, with knurled 1-3/8" diameter handles. Ends are turned down to 1-1/32" for exercise plates; loading surface is 9-1/4" on each end. Includes 1 pair of Small Bulldog II Collars and a wrench.

No. 1224-S (8 lb.) single dumbbell with collars $249.95

*Hint: read Bruce Wilhelm's article, "Chuck Ahrens: The Reclusive Powerhouse," MILO, April 1994, Vol. 2, No.1.

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The Best Upper Back Exercise 4/20/2015
Dumbbell rows, I think, are the best all around upper back exercise. But its difficult to find dumbbells greater than 100 lb; and for a home gym, constantly buying fixed weight dumbbells is extremely expensive -- not to mention they take up a lot of space. The handle thickness -- which is the same as my S-Cubed Bar -- is absolutely perfect: thick enough to build your grip, but not so thick as to limit the weight you can row. I had even had the idea to ask IronMind to sell me a single bar long before they offered it singly. I dismissed the idea: turns out I was just engaging in forward thinking! The collars, too, I will add, can get outrageously tight, so it feels very safe. The price is a bargain given what this can do for your back in the years to come.
- Richie Whitehead, TN
Now this is what you call the best dumbell handle in the world. 3/10/2014
Any one who wants a big strong upper back knows heavy rows is a must they should buy this handle , This dumbbell lets me load it up to 90kg 200lbs which is enough for the time being. The grip is on the fatter side which I love I have big hands I prefer a fatter grip the knurling is perfection. The only downside I can see is this premium steel might be prone to rust I recommend iron mind consider making these handles a black oxide colour like a Texas power bar to prevent rust. Also please bring out a 300lbs pound dumbbell row handle for those of us who want to get into heavy kroc rows.