Buffalo Bar® Cambered Bar

Buffalo Bar® Cambered Bar

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Squat like Paul Anderson.

Cambered, strong and stiff, the Buffalo Bar Cambered Bar is designed to accommodate the kinds of weights Paul Anderson squatted in his primeówith ease. Extra-long at 92" overall, you donít have to be a yoga star to get under it; and with its gentle, classic camber, it's perfect for squats, good mornings, lunges, Hise shrugs, and all the other get-big-and-strong movements you do with a heavy bar on your shoulders.

Shaped from massive 1-3/8" (35 mm) diameter U.S. prime alloy steel, with revolving sleeves and an overall length of 92" (58-1/2" inside collar to inside collar). Knurled per IPF measurements; weighs 52 lb., natural finish. Made in the USA, of course.

IronMind is the strength world's go-to source for cambered squat bars: we have been designing, building and selling cambered squat bars since 1990.

No. 1270 $999.95

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Great bar 10/27/2021
This is a wonderful bar and a clear upgrade from the ... imported bar I had previously. Great camber and really takes the pressure off the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Thanks!
- Alan, MD
Has no equal! 3/24/2017
I have had my Beefy Buffalo Bar for over 20 years. First introduced to this beautifully painful bar by Osmo Kiiha of Iron Master fame, it was truly a life changing experience. Through the use of this bar, it pushed my squat to double body weight, starting from the bottom position, for reps. Many thanks for always making products that stand the test of time Randall!
- Troy Terrillion, NV
Great For Stiff Shoulders 11/5/2014
I am a 62 year old complete newbie doing the Starting Strength regimen. My problem? Getting my hands on a straight bar for the squat requires me to hold the bar as wide as I can inside the collars and really jam my back up into the bar from underneath -- and then I am so tight in the shoulders that it is hard to focus on the squat due to the discomfort in my shoulders. I bought a Buffalo Bar and, while it is not a panacea, it is bent just enough, and is just enough longer inside the collars, that with a wide grip on the bar -- up against the collars -- I can comfortably do the SS low bar squat. As a bonus, the extra width of the bar inside the collars means that I dont need to worry about crushing my fingers when I rack the bar. Weight-wise, I am still a weenie, but I am adding 5 lbs. per workout and the weight is beginning to add up nicely. I expect to achieve a 5x3 body weight squat workout within the next couple months or so and after that, well, it wont be the bar standing in the way of continued progress. Ever since I began reading Starting Strength I wanted to do the squat but my shoulders just couldnt take it. I now love to squat and look forward to my workouts!
- James Rendeiro, CT
Buffalo Bar 6/26/2014
The Buffalo Bar is undoubtedly the best bar in the world for squatting and good mornings, it sits comfortably on the traps and allows for perfect Olympic squats or partials like power-lifers if you prefer, its great for good mornings and getting deep on squats.
Also great for bench press 3/18/2013
Ive used this for bench pressing also and its really great for a combination of a different angle, lower depth to touch the chest and fat bar.
- Mark Wilson, CA
Built to Last 7/11/2011
Ive had my IM buffalo bar for many years now. It is one of my most prized bars in my collection of barbells.Awhile back I had two of my strongman friends over at my garage gym.They decided to do partial squats with 1200lbs loaded up on the buffalo bar.There were no Ill effects what so ever to the bar a testament under fire to the quality of this bar. Highly recommended for any serious gym.
- Steve B., CA
How can this be? 7/6/2011
No one has written a positive review for the iconic Buffalo Bar...how can this be? I wont even bother to say how unnecessary it is to praise this bar. Its like trying to say good things about the invention of the wheel, or the advantage of wearing shoes, or to review an Oxford dictionary. Having said the above, I must add that no one in my gym squats with anything but a buffalo bar.
- Victor Tang, INT