CoC Set of 10: 10 CoC Grippers & Large Caddy for 10

CoC Set of 10:  10 CoC Grippers & Large Caddy for 10

Item Number: 1433-TC-COC
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Detailed Description

Ten Captains of Crush Grippers are lined up, ready for action on the Large Captains of Crush Gripper Caddy for 10. From your warm-up to your working grippers and goal grippers, the CoC Set of 10 has just what you need in your quest for superior grip strength.

Set includes Large CoC Caddy and 10 CoC grippers* at a special price.

No. 1433-TC-COC (8 lb.) $243.95

*1 each CoC Sport, Trainer, Point Five, No. 1, No. 1.5, No. 2, No. 2.5, No. 3, No. 3.5, and No. 4 gripper

Other strengths of CoC grippers may be substituted in Caddy Sets; please leave a note in the Special Instructions box at Check-out in the IronMind e-store.

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The Test of Real Strength 8/18/2021
Hello from Romania! I am really glad to leave a review for the product even tho I am annoyed that I can only close 2.5 and almost 3 that has nothing to do with the grippers that has something to do with me. >: The captain of crush grippers are REALLY AMAZING and I am sure they will help me improve my grip strength to a level only WSM have. Buy it!
- Glad, INT
Nothing but Praise 8/1/2020
This full set of grippers came exactly as ordered and came on time. They are of a supreme quality and just like many reviews also say, have a slight squeak to them as the steel coils rub together. I also have to praise the individuals involved in the shipping process. They copied, word for word, by hand, my shipping instructions to a post-it note and taped them to the top of the box for the mailman to see. Iron Mind has earned my respect and admiration by their attention to detail and the care they put into their business.
- Daniel Sherman, UT
Sweet set! Worth the money 4/21/2020
This is a quality set that is well worth the money. Having the bridge grippers helps to transition easily to the next gripper. The only problem I have is Iím breaking peopleís hands when I shake hands with them.
Great for me 1/30/2018
I bought the ten-piece set of grippers because my wife and I both wanted to work specific hand exercises. The build quality is very good. The knurl seems perfect not too small or large. If you ever got an overly large or rough knurl you know what I mean. I did try the 4 for kicks and only got it to move about a 1/8th inch. The stamp on the bottom is clear but not legible to me without reading glasses. I am a full-time welder and I used the 1.5 for my first full set in both hands. With the right being easier. After doing three sets my fingers where tired. Next day sore from being overworked on my first time to use. My wife used the sport didnít push as hard. She has very small hands and initially had a hard time setting it just right. I ordered basic ground shipping. They shipped from California Friday morning and arrived at my house outside of Des Moines Iowa by Monday afternoon. On my first day of use I like it very much and recommend the set. I would give it a 5 star if it was easier to see the stamp on the bottom. I will probably color code them somehow.
- Benjamin Schell, IA
What I expected 9/24/2014
I bought a CoC Guide to test the feel of the quality of Ironminds products. Then I decided to buy the rest of the set, because I liked the quality and I figured even if I never did close the CoC 4, I could still have it as a goal to strive for. Caddy is sturdy for what it does, plus all 11 grippers fit on it too. Quality is top notch and I look forward to purchasing more from Ironmind.
- Aidan Burk, NC
Wonderful 4/17/2014
Best grippers on the market now, and forever. Sleekly crafted and durable with a nice and sleek caddy. If you want a strong grip these are the way to go. Nothing more to be said!
- Jordin, ON
Great stuff 12/5/2012
Must have, even if you never ever hit the No. 4!
Zvainys Ivanauskas
Translation of review below 12/16/2011
Our Russian reviewer below says: I think it an optimum variant for a full set of captains...
Elizabeth From IronMind
ни чего лишl 12/14/2011
Думаю это оптимальный вариант для полного набора капитанов...
- Ал&, INT