Desk Tools for Digital Fitness

Desk Tools for Digital Fitness

Item Number: 1428-5
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Detailed Description

Desktop training for hand strength and health: IronMind's Desk Tools are the perfect gift for anyone who uses their hands-at work, at play, or in sports.

Say good-bye to carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis and golfer's elbow. Lower your blood pressure, and reduce stress and anxiety. Enjoy life!

Desk Tools kit includes:

  • IronMind Green EGG: strengthen and massage your hand and fingers as you squeeze--you decide how hard--working your joints and tendons and building your grip. It feels so good!
  • Expand-Your-Hand Bands: build muscle balance and range of motion as you flex your fingers outward against the resistance of the bands--and say goodbye to tendonitis, elbow pain, and stiffness in your hands.
  • Wrist Defender: gently rotate and stretch your wrists with mild resistance--up, down, and around--to relieve the wrist-related discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and repetitive stress injuries; improve blood flow; and increase flexibility.
  • Zenith Agility Gripper: keep your hands strong, limber and agile, by giving them a light action workout to condition and build strength, work out the kinks, and improve blood flow.
  • "Strong Hands, Healthy Hands" booklet : find out how to train with the tools in your Strong and Healthy Hands Kit to prevent, reduce, or eliminate pains from your fingertips to your elbows.

No. 1428-5 (4 lb.) Green EGG, Expand-Your-Hand Bands, Wrist Defender, Zenith Agility Gripper, and booklet $91.95