Eagle Loops™ (pair)

Eagle Loops™ (pair)

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Four fiercely strong fingers

Do chins or hangs for time, one, two, three or four fingers at a time and build formidable levels of finger and upper-body strength. Or connect the Eagle Loops to a bar or loading pin for deadlifts, rows, and static holds, or even sled and truck pulling, for finger-strengthening moves par excellence . Train any combination of fingers, except your thumbs. (Bar not included.)

No. 1237 (.5 lb.) $54.95/pair

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Eagle Loops are incredible. 11/17/2016
Just posted up about my Eagle Loops on my Facebook page. Great to wrap around some kettlbells and pick them up and swing them around with my fingers.
- Dr Dale Dugas, FL
Real Word Of Hand Strength 4/4/2016
Really one of Great IronMind Products! The first time I got this Eagle Loops and try it.... WOW... I really love it, use it for pull up/chip up training, it really pumps upper body muscles. from fingers, biceps, back muscles. Deadlift will be a good challenge too with this Eagle Loops.
- Sandy Pramadi, INT
QUALITY! 3/25/2016
I bought a pair of Eagle Loops well over ten years ago. I have put them through serious abuse. They are more than up to everything that I have thrown at them. There is absolutely no wear and tear on them. I would buy another pair but I think that these will last forever!
- Brad Johnson, KS