Expand-Your-Hand Bands™ - 10 Bands

Expand-Your-Hand Bands™ - 10 Bands

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Enjoy sparkling hand health and accelerate your grip strength gains with Expand-Your-Hand Bands. You'll want to train the extensor muscles of your hands to counteract all the squeezing you're doing when crushing grippers, and Expand-Your-Hand Bands allow you to work in a dynamic range of motion for maximum grip strength and hand health. They are the simple, effective way to:

  • Speed recovery and reinforce grip strength gains
  • Develop muscle balance and full range of motion mobility
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce pain from tennis or golfer's elbow, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related forms of overuse and abuse

Since 2004, Expand-Your-Hand Bands have been helping customers achieve muscle balance and prevent, reduce, or cure the sort of pains associated with arthritis, overuse, abuse, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Get ready to kiss that elbow pain goodbye!

Use them anywhere, anytime, every day: carry one in your pocket, keep a set in your car or office and another one at home.

Five strengths, color-coded, progressive levels of resistance, for warming up, prehab, rehab or just plain relaxing--they're perfect for stress relief. Made of latex-free rubber for greater stretch, longer life.

No. 1376 (.25 lb.) set of 10 (2 of each level) $13.95

You'll find more about Expand-Your-Hand Bands here.

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Must have if you train grip 6/1/2019
I got the Rolling Thunder last year and after a few weeks of training it I developed pain in my forearm/elbow that no amount of rest or mobility work seemed to help. I saw an article about the importance of hand extension work for people who train grip to prevent imbalances and pain so I ordered these bands. Since I started using them I have zero pain, and my grip strength is improving rapidly. I use these after every grip session, a must-have item!
- Paul Kalajainen, VA
Effectively balances crushing muscles 12/21/2018
In 12 workouts 6 weeks Ive progress from White to Green to Yellow. The wrist extensors do the opposite of gripping/crushing. Since adding 80-100# grips, these bands, and palm up/down wrist curls to my regimen my hands and elbows have felt more stable during sports and weight training.
- Ron, CA
A step or 2 Above the Rest. 5/8/2018
Ive used these for years and I wore through previous sets and was looking for a cheaper alternative, just couldnt wrap my head around paying $14+ again for a set of 10 rubber bands. Found a set on Amazon for less and figured, you know they cant be that different - theyre only rubber-bands after all. I can tell you that the Ironmind bands are definitely much better that the other brand that I got. Better feel and much better separation in band levels. The other set I got has stupid easy, medium, and 3 sets of bands that all feel the same but are just a different color. I made the mistake of getting a cheaper alternative - learn from my mistake and just get the good stuff. The other bands are pretty much worthless and were a waste of my time and money.
Garret Kobza
A great little tool 9/21/2017
Ive been using these bands for years now. Great product. Much better than rubber bands from asparagus bunches. Sometimes when I lift heavy I get some tendinitis in my forearms. These bands really help with that. You can carry one in your pocket and use it anywhere.
- Chris, MD
This did two things for me 12/1/2013
The first thing, the small top muscles on my forearm bulge a little bit more than before, the extensors, especially when they are warm and it may just be in my head, but I think this helped me close bigger grippers too, more consistently than before. May just be a delusion, but I think so.
- Fredrik, INT
Great! Just one thing... 9/15/2012
I can say alot about these bands, but they are pretty simple devices. They strengthen your hands with extensor resistance, and progress is rapidly seen, at least it was by me. In a couple weeks, I was using the yellow bandsthe third resistance. I like the way it makes my hands feel afterwards and while exercising, but it can be frustratingin a funny kinda way letting a little band overpower you, so stick with the bands that you can do with a good range of motion. My only issue is that a couple days ago while fully extending a yellow band snapped, which made me feel really strong, and a few reps later the other yellow band snapped, so now I have no yellow bands. I will contact them about getting replacements just in case I want to loan out the set, because there is no way anyone will go from green to blue, its a large jump in resistance. Overall, great product, but Im pretty sure my yellows had a manufacturing defect.
- Dustin H, TX
Very good product 7/3/2011
Am very much enjoying using my bands they are seeming to help my tendonitis a lot
A must for hand health 2/17/2011
I had pain in the back of my right hand from gripper overuse so I tried these. After a few Weeks of regular use, the pain left and has not come back.
- Chris, VA
Great product 1/21/2011
The only reason I give this product 4 stars is that the bands are not rated in the amount of pounds required to open each band. Even a range would suffice. I bought these about six months ago. The white bands are very easy, even though I have never done this type of exercise. The green bands are very good for working on your reps. I snapped the green bands in about 3 months. I am now working on the yellow. You can really feel the resistance and the results of the exercise. I would highly recommend these for anyone concerned about hand health - that should be everyone!
- Drago, VA