Fitness Grip Set: Zenith Agility (very easy) Gripper and EYHB

Fitness Grip Set: Zenith Agility (very easy) Gripper and EYHB

Item Number: 1471-EB
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Detailed Description

Partner a Zenith Agility with Expand-Your-Hand Bands to build strength in complementary ways, squeezing and extending, for strong and healthy hands.

Zenith is a 21st century gripper, designed for digital fitness and conditioning. With a smooth ride, rep after rep, and silky-smooth handles, Zenith feels good in your hands: think glide, not grind. Use it when your hands need a break or rehab from injury, and for warm-ups, cool-downs and active rest; and it's the perfect complement to your low-rep maximum strength training on CoC grippers.

After all that squeezing, you'll want to work your extensors in the opposing movement with the Expand-Your-Hand Bands, building strength, muscle balance, and mobility. It's a great stress-reducer, too!

Set includes:

  • No. 1471 - Zenith Agility gripper
  • No. 1376 - Expand-Your-Hand Bands - set of 10 (2 of each level)

No. 1471-EB (1 lb.) $47.95