Five Star Flat Bench II™

Five Star Flat Bench II™

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Detailed Description

Think bridge, not bench: beautifully strong and unlike any other, this is a flat bench for many purposes.

Yes, it's sleek and gorgeous, but it's also a fundamentally functional, titanically strong, all-steel flat bench--one that supports tons and a worthy addition to any gym. It's perfect for:

  • leg raises
  • neck work
  • presses and curls
  • flyes
  • bench presses
  • pull-overs
  • deadlifts
  • step-ups
  • psyching up
  • taking a rest . . . and more

Made in the USA, tested to 4,000 lb.; 48" long, 12" wide, and 16" high; weighs 60 lb. Removable high-density, closed-cell foam top lets you do step-ups or anything else that works better without something squishy underfoot.

No. 1228 $389.95

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Indestructable 11/8/2020
Bought this bench and a rack and spotting stand. After 12 years of constant use, they are in perfect shape. With the spotting stand, we can bench safely alone.
Awesome bench! So solid! 6/28/2019
So happy to have a bench that doesnt flex or shift around on me. This is a really high quality product and it was packed impeccably for shipping. I have mine outside in Arizona, so the foam mat lasted about a week before it started crumbling from UV damage - luckily its not attached to the bench in any way so its easily removed or replaced.
- Jason McCartney, AZ
Solid as a tank 10/13/2015
I will never have to buy another bench again and it could easily be passed onto several generations of family. This bench could survive a bomb blast! It is rugged and solid! I used strong glue to secure the foam top on mine and I am considering having the top upholstered someday.
- F H, CA
Strongest Bench in the World. 4/17/2014
This bench is amazing. Its strong and is one piece without any screws to worry about. If you are looking for the strongest bench in the world that can take thousands of pounds of pressure and then some, this is for you. This bench is extremely sturdy and great for bench, and even things like heavy step-up lunges. So why only 4 Stars? Two minor changes I would suggest: in terms of the appearance of the product, in my humble opinion, its not the prettiest. I wish the product was blue or black to stay with the IronMind colours instead of a grey finish - it would make the product standout and look for complete. Secondly, I wish the bench had a small groove to fit the rubber top into, rather than just put it directly on top of the bench. This would would make it appear as a more fluid unit.
- Jordin, ON
Stronger Than I Am 12/9/2012
Its smooth, sleek lines belie its strength: its one SOLID piece of high-grade steel. Dont trust your body or its joints to something less. The last thing you need is a rickety bench!
- Richie Whitehead, TN
IronMind Bench = A+ 4/11/2012
I have the prior generation 10-inch wide version. It is rock solid and shows no wear after several years. It is solid enough I have had clients use the bench as a weight. Its stable for step-ups and does not move at all when benching. etc.
- Jon, NY