Five Star Flat Bench™--sale

Five Star Flat Bench™--sale

Item Number: 1228-A
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Unit Price: $329.95

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Detailed Description

Sleek, multi-functional, and titanically strong, our Five Star Flat Bench does it all: you sit on it to rest, and maybe you do some leg raises on it, and some neck work, too. Don't forget seated presses and curls, and how about step-ups! Pullovers, bent-over rows, laterals, flyes, and bench presses also have a home here.

All steel, which is why when we put 4,000 lb. on one, it didn't blink. 48" long, 12" wide and 17"tall; weighs 60 lb. Removable high-density foam top.

Sale bench has a scratch on the top--fully functional and an excellent deal.

No. 1228-A $329.95