Go-Really-Grip™ Machine

Go-Really-Grip™ Machine

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Detailed Description

Get go-rilly strong! Work one or two hands at a time with this state-of-the-art plate-loading grip machine:

  • smooth-tracking frame
  • comfortable, no-pinch handles protect the soft tissue of your hand
  • handle spacing allows for greater range of motion
  • 12" Olympic loading pin (good for as much weight as you can stack on it!)

If grip strength is important to you, you'll want one. How do you compare:

  • 180 lb. - average
  • 270 lb. - accomplished
  • 360 lb. - world-class

12" loading pin takes Olympic plates (not included); weighs 50 lb.; crinkle finish.

No. 1242 $289.95

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Outstanding 2/10/2019
Started out with 45 lbs, now up to 115lbs. Be careful with your Ham Strings, you might think thats light, but Im 85 years old. My goal is at least 200 lbs. Probley another 6 months to achieve.
- Paul Schneider, WA
The best grip machine 9/7/2015
This machine is built strong and has a well thought out design. I had two other grip machines that I purchased because the price was better. I wish I would have purchased this one first.
Nicholas Rositano
One heck of a machine!!! 7/30/2015
I LOVE this machine!! The Go-Really-Grip Machine is actually quite versatile in what it offers and as a plate loaded machine, you can easily apply the MILO principle as well as vary the width for optimum style of training your grip.
- Trevor Laing Red Nail Cert 2011, TX
Great tool for improving grip strength 10/13/2012
It is very good for helping to close the captains of crush. A machine Joe Kinney would be proud of !!.
- Craig Whimp, INT
Better Than Expected 2/19/2012
I own and run 2 commercial gyms here in Melbourne. We have a Hammer Strength Gripper. So the only way I can rate the Go-Really-Grip is by comparing the HS gripper which I personally love using. The Go-Really-Grip is much better. That is my opinion. COC 2.5 here I come!!!
Victor Tang