Go-Really-Grip™ Machine

Go-Really-Grip™ Machine

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Detailed Description

Get go-rilly strong! Work one or two hands at a time with this state-of-the-art plate-loading grip machine:

  • smooth-tracking frame
  • comfortable, no-pinch handles protect the soft tissue of your hand
  • handle spacing allows for greater range of motion
  • 12" Olympic loading pin (good for as much weight as you can stack on it!)

If grip strength is important to you, you'll want one. How do you compare:

  • 180 lb. - average
  • 270 lb. - accomplished
  • 360 lb. - world-class

12" loading pin takes Olympic plates (not included); weighs 50 lb.; crinkle finish.

No. 1242 $369.95

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Gripping Perfection 1/3/2020
I bought this one, not really only to be able to close captains of crush grippers, but to make it possible to succeed in each grip training session. Most who practice grippers usually struggle between 2 and 2.5 or between 2.5 and 3. The resistance difference between 2 and 2.5 is the same as the resistance difference between 2.5 and 3, both of which are 42.5 lb. If you buy Olympic microweights down to 1/4 lb, you are 170 times more likely to succeed during each training session on the gripper machine than if you only used grippers because these microweights provide up to 170 tiny variations in resistance where grippers only provide 1. When practicing only with grippers and trying to use a heavier gripper then the chances are very high that you get an incomplete training session almost every time until you manage to close it, this makes your fingers not get enough training in the almost-closed position, but on the gripper machine, when you put on a microweight then you will likely still be able to close it so completely that it will constitute a complete exercise for the entire movement, even if you cannot close it 100% the probability is that you will manage to close it 99%. This gripper machine builds what I call true strength because the resistance is the same from open hand position to closed hand position, but with grippers you only get light training in the first few centimeters of the movement, its only the last centimeter that really gets maximum resistance. This makes it much more difficult to close 365 lb on the gripper machine vs on a gripper and the likelihood is small that someone actually manages it on the machine, but it builds true strength throughout the movement. Some would say that you do not need as much strength from the open hand position as in the closed hand position, but you really benefit from that because this does mean that you become overpowered at the beginning, providing speed and leverage advantages that translates into helping close grippers, so it really helps to be strong from beginning to end. If you only have just enough strength to barely make it through the very first few centimeters on a gripper, then you will always be on the verge of almost not managing the gripper, and that is what this machine helps prevent, by allowing equal strength from beginning to end and one becomes overpowered enough to get through the first half of the movement of the gripper with ease. It works a little bit like a snow plowing machine, as it accumulates snow the machine loses speed advantage and it slows down as the snow accumulates, but when the machine is overpowered in the beginning, things change for the better. I do have fairly large hands, not very large, but fairly large and this machine provides just enough range of motion to get all the way from the finger tips and a 110% complete movement, full range of motion and thats something I value about this machine. Highly recommended for people who want to build true strength, and you do get true strength from it, full range of motion, full resistence all the way, start and stop at what distance you like, do heavy negatives efficiently, using microweights helps you overload your capacity while still being able to almost close it is invaluable to me.
- King, INT
Outstanding 2/10/2019
Started out with 45 lbs, now up to 115lbs. Be careful with your Ham Strings, you might think thats light, but Im 85 years old. My goal is at least 200 lbs. Probley another 6 months to achieve.
- Paul Schneider, WA
The best grip machine 9/7/2015
This machine is built strong and has a well thought out design. I had two other grip machines that I purchased because the price was better. I wish I would have purchased this one first.
Nicholas Rositano
One heck of a machine!!! 7/30/2015
I LOVE this machine!! The Go-Really-Grip Machine is actually quite versatile in what it offers and as a plate loaded machine, you can easily apply the MILO principle as well as vary the width for optimum style of training your grip.
- Trevor Laing Red Nail Cert 2011, TX
Great tool for improving grip strength 10/13/2012
It is very good for helping to close the captains of crush. A machine Joe Kinney would be proud of !!.
- Craig Whimp, INT
Better Than Expected 2/19/2012
I own and run 2 commercial gyms here in Melbourne. We have a Hammer Strength Gripper. So the only way I can rate the Go-Really-Grip is by comparing the HS gripper which I personally love using. The Go-Really-Grip is much better. That is my opinion. COC 2.5 here I come!!!
Victor Tang