IMTUG Set: IMTUG7 Gripper & EYHB

IMTUG Set: IMTUG7 Gripper & EYHB

Item Number: 1417-EB
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Detailed Description

Muscle balance is a key to strong and healthy hands so industry leader IronMind delivers the two training tools in one convenient package: an IMTUG gripper and Expand-Your-Hand Bands. With IMTUG, you train one or two fingers at a time. And your thumb is not excluded: by training your pinch grip, you make sure that your thumb is working in powerful opposition to your digits for maximum holding strength and control. As you strengthen your fingers, you improve the overall health and condition of your hand, increasing muscle balance, range of motion, and flexibility.

Expand-Your-Hand Bands are the fun, effective way to achieve muscle balance by working your extensors. They are perfect for everyone from Captains of Crush grip enthusiasts, rock climbers, guitar players, and shooters, to nonagenarians who want to keep on doing what they like to do with their hands. Boost your strength and prevent, reduce or cure the pains associated with arthritis, overuse, abuse, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The bands are graduated in strength and color-coded for quick identification. Expand-Your-Hand Bands are latex-free and come in five different strengths (color coded); you get two complete sets (10 bands total), for progressive training with almost unlimited options.

After all that squeezing, you'll want to work your extensors in the opposing movement with the Expand-Your-Hand Bands, building strength, muscle balance, and mobility. It's a great stress-reducer, too!

Set includes:

  • No. 1417 - IMTUG7 gripper (toughest)
  • No. 1376 - Expand-Your-Hand Bands - set of 10 (2 of each level)

No. 1417-EB (1 lb.) $37.95