IronMind SDC Center - Squat, Dip, Chin!

IronMind SDC Center - Squat, Dip, Chin!

Item Number: 1450-SDC
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Unit Price: $1,119.90

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Detailed Description

Focus on maximum gains, from a small footprint. The big three of the strength and muscle world are at your fingertips: squat, dip, and chin at world-class levels in a compact space.

If you're a minimalist but not willing to compromise when it comes to training at home, the IronMind SDC* Center allows you to squat like super heavyweight IPF world record holder Shane Hamman, chin like you're a CrossFit champ, and dip with however many hundreds of pounds around your waist you can handle.

The SDC Center combines two central units in IronMind's gym equipment line, the Command Chinning Bar and the Vulcan Racks III System Squat Racks, by having them share the same crosstube for a more stable base. Complete unit includes:

  • No. 1450 Command Chinning Bar
  • No. 1217-B Vulcan Racks Base Unit with no crosstube (it shares the crosstube with the Command Chinning Bar)
  • No. 1217-VR Vulcan Racks Squat Uprights
  • No. 1311 You Decide Double-Dip Bar Uprights

*It also stands for strength, development, conditioning.

Footprint is 52" wide, 72" front to back. Chinning bar is fixed height at 7' 3".

No. 1450-SDC $1,119.90

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