Just Protein®--sale

Just Protein®--sale

Item Number: 1261-A
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Detailed Description

Milk and eggs are unrivalled muscle-building foods, so it's no wonder they-rather than a pile of chemicals-are the nutritional cornerstone of Just Protein. You can drink Just Protein with confidence after a workout, between meals, on the go-anytime you need to get some wholesome food in your body-and feel good about it. No additives, no sweeteners, no preservatives--Just Protein is high-quality, unadulterated, pleasant-tasting milk and egg protein with a little natural vanilla-almond flavor, nothing else. It tastes great, mixes easily, and gives your muscles just what they need to grow: simple, good food for athletes.

A 28-g serving (one dry oz. or about one-quarter measuring cup) contains 112 calories, 18 g protein, 7 g carbohydrates, 1 g fat, .1 mg cholesterol, 264 mg potassium, and 63 mg sodium; plus all essential amino acids. 80 one-quarter cup servings per 5-lb. bag.

Sale Just Protein is left from our 3/19 batch--it's still the same top-quality Just Protein inside, so grab a bag and enjoy its benefits at a bargain price!

Just Protein: Muscle-Building Goodness in a Glass

No. 1261-A 5-lb. bag (6 lb.) $54.95