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Just Protein®

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Detailed Description

A classic, all-natural milk and egg protein powder:

  • concentrated muscle-building food
  • top-quality calcium caseinate
  • great taste in all kinds of shakes; no chemical aftertaste
  • clean, simple ingredients, no additives, preservatives, or artificial anything

Perfect for post-workout recovery or for a snack or meal on the go, Just Protein delivers the muscle-building nutrition you need. Make it a daily habit--and get bigger and stronger, leaner and meaner.

4-star bill of health:

  • just 4 ingredients: calcium caseinate (milk protein); instant non-fat dry milk; whole egg powder; natural vanilla-almond flavor
  • high-quality profile: low sodium and carbs, fewer calories, lower cholesterol and no added sugars, fillers, or artificial flavors; gluten-free

A 28-g serving (one dry oz. or about one-quarter measuring cup) contains 112 calories, 18 g protein, 7 g carbohydrates, 1 g fat, .1 mg cholesterol, 264 mg potassium, and 63 mg sodium; plus all essential amino acids. 80 one-quarter cup servings per 5-lb. bag.

No. 1261

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Just get it! 4/23/2020
I can read the ingredients and I dont have a science degree! Do yourself, and your body, a favor, and add this to your diet. I know that this is the most basic and effective protein mix from my years of trying this, that, and the other thing, and you wont be disappointed.
- Peder, AZ
Great Old School Protein 5/26/2018
Very similar to Blairs Protein see http://www.rheoblair.com, mixes easily and tastes good, no chemical additives like today protein powders.
- Paul, OR
Just Protein is Just Great 10/13/2015
I have been using Just Protein for about a year now. 1.5 cups on workout days and 1 cup on rest days. I do a 50/50 blend of chocolate and vanilla with 4 cups of milk. This is a great product and the only supplement that I buy. Its easy to mix and tastes great. If you are on the fence, give the sample portion a try.
- F H, CA
Great product!!! 12/14/2014
The best protein product I have every tried in over 15 years of using many, many, differnt powders. I would recommend this protein powder to anyone serious about building muscle.
What! 8/16/2011
Great tasting protein with just water. Im a vanilla only guy. Ive used a ton of other proteins powders but this by far is the most natural and best tasting alternative. The only down is the price for the 5lb bag. If you cant afford it dont try it. You wont want to return to the ordinary junk! Really good stuff here.
- Canon, TX
Best protein, handful of ingredients 7/24/2011
Even though I shelled out $$$ for 5 lbs of this stuff, I was pretty skeptical. But now I doubt Ill purchase any other protein but this in the future. Ive bought on average a tub of protein powder every month or so for the last 10 years. Brands and flavors have varied. But now -- after consuming my first bag of Just Protein -- my remaining supplies of other protein powders pretty much make me gag. Another comment from the very knowledgable Jim Shiblom compares J.P. to Rheo Blairs great and somewhat famous protein formula from years past. Just Proteins formula is certainly different from Blairs many formulae -- he sold at least 10 different formulae. BUT from my searches the resultant nutritional profile of Just Protein IS nearly identical to the classic Blair proteins profile. This is a great compliment to J.P., as a comparable profile really cant be found in any other branded protein powder. Its great with just milk, but I like to blend with whole milk, a banana, some oats, and ice cubes. Frothy, thick and delicious without tasting like fake sugar or other chemicals -- sustains me throughout the day.
- Zachary Forest Johnson, WI
The Last Good Milk and Egg Around 5/31/2011
Ok guys Just Protein is the last milk and egg protein around from the old school days. It contains some of the same ingredients Rheo Blairs Protein did. I have been bombed with questions on my website www.rheoblairinfo.esmartweb.com on Blairs Protein. Blairs is no longer available but I can recommend Just Protein. It came out in 1993 and I used it a few years until I got the Blair Protein formula. Just has no sweeteners and a natural vanilla almond. It tastes great and creamy when mixed with milk and cream. It is simple and affective. The key to a good protein is how long it has been around. This protein will give you all the gains you want. I would recommend using 1-2 cups of Just Protein like Blair students did. I remember sitting with Olympic Coach John Coffee awhile back and we discussed this protein. John had used Blairs Protein in the old days way back in 1964. I acutally a few years ago gave some Just and Blairs to John and we agreed the taste of Just Protein was better than Blairs Protein.
Jim Shiblom
Building blocks 2/25/2011
If you simply toss Just Protein in a blender with water or skim milk you are probably think you got the worst tasting protein in the world. Yeah it is amazingly high in bioavailable proteins, but you would think is this worth it! as you hold your nose and throw it back. But if, before you close the blender, you spoon in some no calorie sweetener, peanut butter, fruit, or whatever you palate craves you will be amazed to be getting this much protein without all the chemicals while enjoying a tailor-made shake.