MILO: Jun 11, 19.1

MILO: Jun 11, 19.1

Item Number: 1282-19.1
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Cover: Brian Shaw tied the Big Z at the 2010 WSM, but lost on countback, but the message was clear: strongman take note. In 2011, Shaw took first in the Giant's Live-London Qualifying Tour, securing a berth at the 2011 WSM.


  • Fire in the Belly by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • From the Trenches: The Wrecking Ball by Kenny Toth
  • Calendar
  • Iron Filings
  • Red Nail Roster
  • Ask the Expert: Q & A
  • The Iron Mine
  • From Our Archives


  • Adam Nelson: A Worthy Adversary by Thom Van Vleck
  • Daniel McKim: Man of Godly Strength by Francis Brebner


  • Foundations: Hip Power for Strength by Jon Bruney
  • How Much Do You Squat? by Jim Schmitz
  • Masters' Training for Highland Games by Myles Wetzel
  • Practical Science Applied: DOMS: Is It Good for You? by Brian Jones, Ph.D.
  • Scrapping Iron by Steve Justa
  • The Paul Bunyan Run by John Brookfield
  • Weightlifting and Jumping by Greg Everett
  • Training and Gaining: What to Expect by Ernest Roy, P.T.
  • Activate the Serratus Anterior Muscle for More Power by Col. (Ret.) Joseph H. Wolfenberger
  • Training Alone: Pros and Cons by Bill Starr
  • Abdominal Training: Not an Isolated Affair by George A. James
  • Imagining Beowulf's Grip by Harley J. Sims
  • Summer Training by Richard Moores
  • Bill Starr Knows the Deadlift by Dr. Ken E. Leistner
  • Vision is Passion by Steven Helmicki


  • 2011 Giants Live-London Qualifying Tour: Shaw Secures Spot at WSM by Elizabeth Hammond
  • Mark Felix: Last Man Standing in the 2011 FitExpo Vise Grip Viking Challenge by Mike Corlett
  • 2011 FitExpo All-American Strongman Challenge: Terry's Time by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • Old-time Strongman Makes a Comeback by Thom Van Vleck


  • Scottish Stones: An Update by Peter Martin
  • The Pullum Patent Bar: A Masterpiece Re-created by Roger Davis

New large format, 80 pp.

No. 1282-19.1 (.5 lb.) $7.95