MILO: Mar 99, 6.4

MILO: Mar 99, 6.4

Item Number: 1282-6.4
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Detailed Description

Cover: The incomparable John C. Grimek.


  • Letters to the Editor
  • Welcome by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • Iron Filings
  • Calendar
  • The Iron Mine


  • Fireworks in Finland: 1998 Weightlifting Championships by Jim Schmitz
  • Armwrestlers Battle at Petaluma and Thunder Bay by Merle Meeter
  • All-Round News by Lee Gesbeck
  • Might and Malady in Morocco: 1998 Worlds Strongest Man Contest by David Webster


  • John Carroll Grimek: How He Will be Remembered by David Webster, Bill Starr, Tommy Kono, Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • The Jackson Weightlifting Club: 1998--Back to the Roots by Thomas E. Van Vleck
  • Strong Links to Louis Cyr by Eric Murray
  • Bill March: King of the Press (Part II) by Bill Starr
  • "Czech Lion": Joseph Soukup by Josef Svub


  • The Chains by Dr. Ken E. Leistner
  • Shibboleth by Steve Jeck
  • Varying Your Sets and Reps by Anthony Ditillo
  • The Code of the Iron Warrior by Howard L. Liviskie
  • Life in the Loft: Heavily Armed by Dr. Ken E. Leistner
  • Some Others That are Pretty Good, Too: More Cable Training by Fred Hutchinson
  • Concrete or Rocks: Pave Your Way to Super Strength by Steve Justa
  • The High Protein--High Set Program by John McCallum
  • The Bent Press by Kenneth Adney
  • Triple Treats: A Blast from the Past by Ashley Jones
  • Coming Back After Layoffs by Jim Schmitz


  • Have Cannonballs Will Travel: The John Patrick Sullivan Story by J. V. Askem
  • Finnish Tour by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • The "Art" of Throwing: Art McDermott Revolutionizes the Sheaf Toss by Jason J. Pauli
  • Ilkka Kinnunen: The Strongman Gladiator by Jyrki Rantanen
  • Bulgaria 1998 by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

128 pp.

No. 1282-6.4 (.5 lb.) $7.95