MILO: Oct 96, 4.3

MILO: Oct 96, 4.3

Item Number: 1282-4.3
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Detailed Description

Cover: Pyrros Dimas snatches 180 kg for a world record at the '96 Olympics.

  • Letters to the Editor
  • Editorial by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • The Best Ever: XXVI Olympic Games by Jim Schmitz
  • A+ for Atlanta by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • Wes Barnett: All-American Medal Detector by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • Les Rois de Force (Kings of Strength) by Richard W. Field, Ph.D.
  • Ego Training by Anthony Ditillo
  • And the Winner Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.
  • Arm Wrestling on the Border: Two Days at Lake Tahoe by Merle Meeter
  • Virginia Tech Football Strongman Competition by Jim Whitten
  • Bending Nails: Conquering the 60-Penny by John Brookfield
  • Improving the Power Clean and Power Snatch by Bill Starr
  • The History of the Deadlift by Michael Purcell
  • The Deadlift by Richard W. Field, Ph.D.
  • Work vs. Tonnage by John V. Askem
  • Putting the Stone: Creating a Foundation by Jim McGoldrick
  • Ed Coan: Fifteen Years on Top of the Heap by Marty Gallagher
  • The Bench Press: The Most Popular Lift by David Shaw
  • Early Greek Influence on Sport (Part III): Legendary Figures of Greek Sport by Mark A. Holowchak, M.A.
  • Cogito Ergo Attollo (I think...therefore I lift) by Steve Jeck
  • Thick Bar Training by Brooks Kubik
  • LIfe in the Loft--Part XI: Mean Streets by Dr. Ken E. Leistner
  • Mighty Molars by David Gentle
  • Words to Grow By by Willie Snyder
  • Bulking Up the Upper Body by John McCallum
  • Scottish Mights: 1996 World Musclepower Championships by Arch M. Stevenson
  • The Iron Mine

60 pp.

No. 1282-4.3 (.5 lb.) $7.95