No.2 Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

No.2 Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

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Detailed Description

Captains of Crush Grippers: designed and built for performance.

Known around the world as the gold standard for building and testing hand strength, Captains of Crush Grippers are the single most important grip strength tool you can choose--for the fastest route to the strongest grip.

What's special about Captains of Crush Grippers?

  • the gold standard of grippers: original, authentic, unmatched
  • the single best grip training tool
  • perfect fit with CoC compatible grip tools for maximum progress in minimum time
  • knurled aircraft-grade aluminum handles, pioneered by CoC grippers in 1995
  • proprietary GR8 springs, only on CoC Grippers and IMTUGs: precise, durable, good-looking
  • a 20-year history of product development and refinement
  • precision manufacturing for world-class performance: top-drawer build quality
  • top-selling, top-rated grippers at Amazon, year after year
  • made in the USA
  • no-surprise geometry: you can count on the consistency and precision of Captains of Crush Grippers
  • 11 strengths for a perfect fit
  • certification on the top-tier CoCs

Made in the USA.

No. 2: Master the No. 2 if winning or losing--or living or dying--might depend on your grip strength. When you get to the No. 2, you're in the realm of extraordinary grip strength, exactly what you need if your life, or someone else's, depends on how strong your hands are.

Need more help? Watch Meet and choose Captains of Crush grippers here.

No. 1252 (1 lb.) No. 2 @195 lb. $25.95

Download Captains of Crush instruction booklet here.

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Coc no2 11/9/2020
First time trying this gripper and did it first try although i let many others try it and no one else could close it very well made piece of kit great knurling!
Never give up!!! 6/9/2018
A little over 2 years of training and finally closed the CoC #2! I remember the add lf your life or some one else depends on it...How true are those words! On the month of May 2018, went fishing at the jetties after a storm blew inn. Fishing looked promising, little did I know rouge waves where coming over the rocks. An elderly man was washed away into the surf, rip tide pulling him under. I thank my God Jehovah Psalms 83:18 for never giving up on training and holding on to that mans dear life...
- Juan Murphy, TX
Splendid Gripper 1/28/2016
COC No. 2 is really awesome and powerfull, it really means for grip strength. it needs some effort and good training ways to master, but it will comes into powerful hand grip. I also like all IronMind products, all of them are made and build to support muscles strength. Stay Strong and In The Good Health Always. Thank you very much IronMind! I really appreciate your world class products!
- Pramadi Sandy, INT
Pro grip. 1/15/2016
I started using plastic grips... I went to the store and tryed to close #1 I can barely close it once... after months I started to feel better with it. Then I bought #1.5 & #2... closed for the first time #2 and that was hard I couldnt believe that I closed it because I dont make any special grip training beside closing my grips when I remember to. Now I close #1 7-9 reps #1.5 4-5 reps and #2 1 rep. If you want to go for the 2.5 and up you need special grip training and dedication... this is about time because if you just squeeze the grip all you can you may be injured. Hope tu jump from #2
- Victor Portales, INT
Sturdy and reliable. 1/5/2016
I have had one of these for more than 6 years now and it is still as hard and as sturdy as when I got it for my 18th birthday by my stepfather. I still get as happy when I hold it like the first time I saw it. Can get rusty of course, but not something that a little oil cant handle. With the right care it will definitely last a whole lifetime.
Ittukusuk Fisker
Awesome for chalking up! 9/2/2014
My CoC#2 happens to be a hair easier than my HG250. Yet it took me 10 months of serious, hard work to get from 5 reps with CoC#1 to closing the CoC#2 for 6-7 reps; Ive got much better results by sticking to the IrondMind Intermediate workout as it is written. Captain of Crush grippers dont slip, especially when you chalk up. I am proud of the results Ive got and would advise CoC to any strength buff looking to improve hand strength. I have started to enter in Strongman contests did a Farmer Walk with 230 lbs implements. Dont do too much volume, especially as a beginner: the CoC#2 can really shred your hands!
- Dominique, QC
DH 11/1/2013
Magnificent product. Should be a life mandatory.
Great quality...not a game. Good choice i made 11/7/2012
i didnt like the fact that the tension increases suddenly in the last inch. but i liked that it is hard! wow haha.. i was surprised. i never tried any hard grip before.. just an 88 lbs one from a sports store. first try out of the mail... i still have 3/4 of an inch.
- Marc Germani, INT
heavy duty quality 3/7/2012
I have 6 of these grippers of various levels and they are awesome I use them often and really enjoy the challenge
- Bets, MN
Compared to Heavy Grip 250 6/8/2011
Very good quality. The hardness is similar to HG 250, but feels better to work with this.
- Soslan, TX
Great tool 4/28/2011
I would say my handshake is a little stronger than most. I have large but slinder hands. I can squeeze this between 4-7 times per hand. It is a very good and hard workout and will defenitely give you stronger fingers and hands.