Olympic-Style Weightlifting Beg.-Int. Lifters DVD

Olympic-Style Weightlifting Beg.-Int. Lifters DVD

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by Jim Schmitz

The best way to learn how to snatch and clean and jerk is to get a good coach--and they don't come any better than Jim Schmitz: three-time coach of the USA Olympic weightlifting team, founder and owner of The Sports Palace gym in San Francisco, and absolutely one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people you will find in the sport. Jim lays out his proven approach and brings everything to life in this companion DVD. Rustic in production quality, it's first-rate in terms of content. About 2-1/2 hr., NTSC format only.

No. 1204 (.5 lb.) DVD only $24.95

Please note: While the DVD has gold medal quality content, it is a home video production, with the first couple of minutes being a little rough. Please do not buy the DVD if you are looking for a slick Hollywood production; however, if you want to learn how to lift from an expert, get this DVD and start pulling.

See also the companion how-to manual (No. 1207), available by itself or with the DVD as a set (No. 1203).

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MUST HAVE for COACHES!!! 3/12/2013
Folks, as a strength coach, after viewing, because of Schmitzs masterful teaching pace, right away you not only learn proper lifting technique, you also witness the best way to teach these lifts! I have seen a lot of other Olympic-lifting instructionals and this one gets the camera angle perfect! I, occasionally have this playing along in the background during my light recovery days and its like having a wise old friend at my side! Coaches & students, Jim Schmitz is the MASTER!!
- Samuel Salamone, PA
Not what you think. 3/4/2011
I have been ordering products from Iron Mind for a while now. All service and products were just as described-top notch. Then I received this DVD. It came to me as a copy hand written on, case broken and a photo copy of the title stuffed in the case. I kind of sank a bit from disappointment. Then I watched it. TOP NOTCH!!!! The best clinic style video one could ask for. Very clear and thorough. No fluff and very critical points noted. Step by step and in order. I have never been more pleased with a product. If you dont have direct access to an Olympic coach, this is the next best thing. Thank you again for delivering your customers the best in the industry. Yours in strength; Ronni.