Olympic-style Weightlifting Beg.-Int. Lifter Manual

Olympic-style Weightlifting Beg.-Int. Lifter Manual

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Detailed Description

by Jim Schmitz

The best way to learn how to snatch and clean and jerk is to get a good coach--and they don't come any better than Jim Schmitz: three-time coach of the USA Olympic weightlifting team, founder and owner of The Sports Palace gym in San Francisco, and absolutely one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people you will find in the sport. Jim lays out his proven approach in the number one how-to manual in the sport.

No. 1207 (.5 lb.) manual only $16.95

If you want to help bring everything to life, get the companion DVD (No. 1204), available by itself or with the manual as a set (No. 1203).