One Wicked Wrist Roller™--sale

One Wicked Wrist Roller™--sale

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One of the nice things about wrist rollers is that they allow you to train your forearms until they scream, so if you're trying to look like Popeye and maybe didn't choose your parents accordingly, put a big check mark by this piece of equipment. Another nice thing about wrist rollers is that you can improvise a good one, but if you want one that's as wicked as the forearms you're going for, put another check mark by the first one.

Made of 2" diameter knurled high-strength steel, it can be used in free-standing mode or on a 1" or 1-1/16" bar, where its slick bushing system gives it a smooth ride. Comes with an 10-ft., 1,000-lb. test rope and a small carabiner; add a loading pin (not included) for easy weight changes.

Sale wrist roller has some minor spots--they're a great bargain.

No. 1254-A Roller, cord & small clip $67.95

If you need a loading pin and clip, please see item Nos. 1313 and 1314.

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Sweet 7/1/2016
Great piece of equipment, the knurling is just right and the thing makes my forearms cry for momma. Im glad I finally broke down and bought it.
- Steve Hampton, TX