Pillars of Power™ II+ Spotter Racks

Pillars of Power™ II+ Spotter Racks

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Spotting system for safety's sake: they will keep you from getting squashed if a bench press or squat goes awry--and you can do shrugs and partials, among other moves. Adjustable in width, the Pillars of Power II+ Spotter Racks knock down instantly for compact storage.

Adjusts from 22" to 34" high in 2" increments and from 16-1/2" to 49" wide, with a 28" long padded loading surface (landing strip). Easy to move, compact to store. Weighs 70 lb.

No. 1227 $642.90/pair

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This Is a Non-Negotiable Item 12/9/2012
First, its never safe to bench without pins. Now while I always leave a little in the tank, every once in a while, our inner-meathead comes out: testing a bench max is potentially an extremely dangerous enterprise. But its the safest thing in the world with these racks. Im fairly certain they could support my Kia. But the racks also serve many other functions: probably my favorite, the one I most use it for, is as a loading dock for deadlifts. Just rest the bar at hip height and spare your back. Great for bent rows, too. And lets not forget the squat!
- Richie Whitehead, TN