Rolling Thunder Simple Scoring Competition Disc

Rolling Thunder Simple Scoring Competition Disc

Item Number: 1246-DSC
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Detailed Description

We used to have an in-house joke, How many CPAs and MBAs does it take to score a grip contest? but the truth is that you'd like to make things as easy as possible for everyone involved. Enter the Rolling Thunder Simple Scoring Competition Disc: used with a Rolling Thunder (No. 1246) and an IronMind Olympic Loading Pin and Large Carabiner (No. 1314-C), that assembly weighs, get this, 5 kg. So, how's this for easy math: load up for your next attempt, add up the weight of the plates and include an extra 5 kg for the assembly (Rolling Thunder, loading pin, carabiner, and competition weight).

If you don't do metric, add 10 lb. for the assembly (so easy you can do that in your head) + 1 lb. more and you're all set. Scoring made simple.

Here's the Simple Scoring Disc in action: Russia's Roman Penkovskiy dominated in the 2019 Rolling Thunder® World Championships--an event that began with an IronMind/Odd Haugen collaboration in 2000. The Rolling Thunder has gone on to form the cornerstone of armlifting, the name for the popular worldwide grip strength competitions that feature the Rolling Thunder, Apollon's Axle and CoC Silver Bullet as their core events. ©Randall J. Strossen photo.

Machined calibrated aluminum disc only. (Rolling Thunder handle and loading pin not included.)

No. 1246-DSC (3 lb.) $89.95