Rolling Thunder® Revolving Deadlift Handle

Rolling Thunder® Revolving Deadlift Handle

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The Rolling Thunder--a universal test of grip strength that started a sport.

One of the world's premier tests of grip strength, the Rolling Thunder is a training tool of first choice for everyone from armwrestlers to rock climbers and will become one of your favorites as well. Hook it up to a loading pin and clip (not included), for one-hand deadlifts, doing either reps or holds.

The thick-handled one-hand deadlift is a 20th century archetypal test of grip strength and the Rolling Thunder Deadlift is now a 21st century grip competition staple worldwide.

The current Rolling Thunder world records are*:

  • Men: Alexey Tyukalov at 130.5 kg (287 lb.) on 30 June 2013
  • Women: Ludmilla Gaiduchenko at 77.2 kg (170.2 lb.) on 22 September 2012

How do you compare? If you can do:

  • 125 lb. - average
  • 185 lb. - accomplished
  • 250 lb. - world-class

7-1/2" in length (rotating portion is 6" in length); 2-3/8" in diameter.

No. 1246 (4 lb.) $119.95

Note: If you need a loading pin and clip, please see item Nos. 1313-C and 1314-C.

Visit the Rules and World Records for Rolling Thunder Deadlifts.

Visit the Rules and World Records for Rolling Thunder Pull-Ups.

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Like this handle a lot 7/23/2021
This handle is very sturdy and provides a unique workout for the hands. I am mainly using it for deadlifting, but Ive also used it for one-handed cable rows and such too.
Ann Wycoff
Great product, great customer service 11/14/2015
Ive had my rolling thunder for a while now, and recently my numbers really started to climb rapidly. It seemed a little odd to me, so I examined the RT and discovered the plastic rotating portion had seized up. I contacted customer service and they were great, even paying for my shipping the device back. They fixed it and got it back to me in a couple of weeks, good as new. Works great, and has great customer service to back it up!
Extreme, versatile, insane - phenomenal. 9/8/2015
I bought this as part of the Crushed To Dust set nearly two years ago. Ive been a bit busy using it to write a proper review but, here goes. The manufacturing quality is brilliant. If you drop this thing, it wont break anything but, the floor. As to usage, well, Im ashamed to say that i can only pull a maximum 65kg on this thing BUT, in other applications, this thing comes into its own. Like, one-handed car-pulling or duck-walking with a 150kg pair of flagstones two-handed. It works equally well on gym cable machines as the other attachments have only regular 25mm grips. It did get some strange looks in my gym but, after a few of the lads tried it, my point was made. This is a brilliant item and to get a second one would be a no-brainer. Doing a Hercules Hold with this item would be a test beyond many. Keep up the good work IM.
- Rob Millar, INT
Outstanding! 10/26/2013
I thought my grip was relatively strong doing 600 lb. Farmers Walks, but I was amazingly humbled by the Rolling Thunder as I struggled with 130 lbs. After the first of many soon to be workouts with this amazing piece of equipment, my forearms are obliterated. This will be a tremendous tool to use in the future. Thanks so much, IronMind!
one is great but two are limitless 7/28/2013
This is my second rolling thunder. After spending a few months working deadlifts and timed holds with my first one I put it on the back burner. After hearing Adam Glass talk about the increased challenge of pullups using two rolling thunders I took the plunge not knowing what to expect. This adds a whole new level of resistance to the movement that must be tried to believe. Well worth the money for a second handle. my grip, forearms,lats and abs are smoked after a a few 3 rung ladders. this has translated to improved bw pullups, deadlifts and various other movements. the second rolling thunder and a couple of daisy chains w/carabiners is my best Ironmind purchase so far.
wayne nash
Outstanding! 11/15/2012
The Rolling Thunder is by far the best revolving deadlift handle on the market. None of the competing products even come close in terms of quality.
- Noel D, NY
The ultimate grip test 2/17/2011
If you want a true challenge this is Is it. I can close a gripper rated at 250 lbs. And I can barely get 100 lbs on this beast
- Chris, VA