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How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks
by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D.

The original Rx for gaining bulk and power almost overnight. The book you love to hate has one clear message: step up to the challenge of getting bigger and stronger, sans drugs, fancy equipment or food fads. Outgrow your clothes, reset your limits, learn that you can walk through walls. 112 pp.

"SUPER SQUATS is not about squats. SUPER SQUATS is about finding the warrior within yourself. SUPER SQUATS are here to show you that you can do things that you did not think you can do."--Hamilton Nolan

No. 1200 (.5 lb.) $16.95

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Best all-around routine IMHO 1/10/2015
Honestly, I dont know if I could gain 30 pounds, but I gained 10 easily. Probably some of the bigger guys will gain more, I was thrilled with mine. Very little went to my waist, although I would recommend plenty of additional ab work. in my case, hyper-extentions/straight leg sit-ups/leg lift super-sets and 4 miles/day walking. I did this with a high protein/ low carb diet of about 3000 kcals, so I didnt do the milk thing. See what works-the program itself is a solid base. Oh yeah- WORK LIKE THE DEVIL!
Super Squats 2/9/2013
I bought super squats in the late 80s I was 145lbs and wanted to gain weight bought tons of weight gain and was putting on weight. I always lifted heavy but gaining weight was a problem. I started the program went from 210lbs to 240lbs in 30 days amazing but true. It is a brutal training program but very brief. At one point I was doing heavy breathing squats with 300lbs. My neck reached 21 inches arms 18 1/2 inches legs 28 inches round it works big time!
Johnny Grube