Strong and Healthy Hands Kit: Hand Action

Strong and Healthy Hands Kit: Hand Action

Item Number: 1428-G3
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Detailed Description

The Strong and Healthy Hands Kits are made to order for building and maintaining hand health and preventing, reducing, or eliminating hand, wrist, and elbow pain.

In one convenient package, IronMind offers three vital training tools and a training guide for strong, healthy hands:

  • IronMind Green EGG: strengthen and massage your hand and fingers as you squeeze--you decide how hard--working your joints and tendons and building your grip. It feels so good!
  • Expand-Your-Hand Bands: build muscle balance and range of motion as you flex your fingers outward against the resistance of the bands--and say goodbye to tendonitis, elbow pain, and stiffness in your hands.
  • Zenith Agility Gripper: keep your hands strong, limber and agile, by giving them a light action workout to condition and build strength, work out the kinks, and improve blood flow.
  • "Strong Hands, Healthy Hands" booklet : find out how to prevent, reduce, or eliminate pains from your fingertips to your elbows.

The Hand Action Kit includes: IronMind Green EGG; set of 10 Expand-Your-Hand Bands; Zenith Agility Gripper; and booklet "Strong Hands, Healthy Hands."

No. 1428-G3 (3 lb.) IronMind Green EGG, Expand-Your-Hand Bands, Zenith Agility Gripper, and booklet $67.95

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