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Get bigger, jump higher, pull harder. The SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt is versatile and effective:

  • spare your back: squat without loading up your spine or your lower back
  • focus the effort on your legs
  • squat safely: the weight is always under you
  • efficient: it's a tough move so a little weight goes a long way
  • increase your vertical jump
  • keep training your legs if you have an arm or shoulder injury
  • portable, for travel or going to the gym
  • wide range of lifts: squats, weighted chins, weighted dips, calf exercises, hip lifts, pulling and dragging
  • 5,000 lb. maximum strength

Straddle a short bar, clipping in front and back, or hang the weight just in the front--either way, the SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt allows you to squat unencumbered by a bar on your shoulders. And there is zero back stress--on either your spine or on your lower back--because the weight is borne by your hip structure.

Belts are adjustable within about a 6" range, so please go by your actual waist size (not pants size) to obtain the best-fitting belt. Comes with a pair of Daisy Chains and two Large Carabiners. (Bar and loading pin not included.)

Adjustable in 3 sizes based on actual waist (not pants) size:

  • Small/Medium: 26"-35" waist
  • Large/XL: 36"-42" waist
  • 2X-large: 43"+ waist

No. 1220 (3 lb.) $199.95

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Made to last 3/2/2019
I bought this well over 10 years ago, I use it 3-4 times every week, its still like brand new!
- Lyle Barron, INT
I love this thing! 8/31/2017
This may be one of the best investments in my home gym Ive ever made. If you are like me a look at reviews before buying, every video Ive seen on using this belt looks awkward, and stupid. Which it does not need to be at all. You will need to work out a good setup for this belt but once you do, this thing really works and is actually pretty simple to use. I use the recommended barbell set up. The advantage to this over a pin, is you dont have to get 3 feet up in order to squat. Im standing on a box about 6 inches high and have no problem doing a full Olympic style squat all the way to the ground. The benefits of this belt for anyone with limited space, back issues, hernia etc are very surprising. Ive seen unexpected gains in leg strength and vertical jump after using the belt regularly for a few months. The belt itself is very comfortable, and built like a tank. It can also be used for weighted dips pull ups etc.
Finally, a solution. 9/3/2016
I have been athletic my whole life, enjoying barbell squats until I learned I had a pars defect in my spine. No matter what I tried, it was a fusion for me. A year latter I was getting burned out on Nautilus because lets be honest, its hard to beat free weights. I take my lifting limitation seriously and have been looking for something else that would give me the weight I need to truly challenge my legs. I bought this a month ago and could not be happier. It gives me just as good of a workout as barbell squats. I can get a nice, deep squats and really burn my upper quad. Whats better? I have no pressure on my spine, I mean none. Further, you can breath while doing these hip belt squats and just as the literature says, you dont need as much weight. This product REALLY works for people like me and there is no substitute anywhere. I highly recommend it.
- Nick Hatch, WI
This has saved my leg workouts 12/15/2014
This belt has saved my leg workouts. I was in a motorcycle accident which herniated 2 discs in my back and I am unable to squat or put any compression on my spine. With this belt I am able to squat heavy and build strength and mass in my legs. I was able to use two 26 inch wooden blocks my gym has to elevate myself off the ground. I used straps to balance myself out that is tied to the squat rack and I use the iron mind loading pin. This is the best way that works for me but there are tons of different variations to get creative with. I definitely recommend this belt, Injury or not. Its extremely challenging compared to traditional squats and utilizes more stabilizing muscle groups.
What a Difference. 9/10/2014
For some unfortunate reason I have always been one of those guys who cannot handle the stresses of normal squats and I end up with back spasms for days afterwards. While reading Super Squats I came across the paragraph describing the use of a squat belt. I checked the website and saw that they had exactly what was described in the book. I ordered it and the loading pin and when they arrived, I went straight to the garage to try it out. I did 20 reps with just 3 - 45 lb plates and my lower quads were on fire when I was done but my back felt great. As the title says, what a difference. Combined with rows and presses, I have been using it for 5 weeks, gained 7 lbs and lost an inch off of my waist.
- Jamie Kitchen, ON
Perfect, worth the money 3/25/2014
Im from Brazil and spent a lot to get this product. $ 171.95 for the product. $ 54.00 shipping. $ 135.57 tax in Brazil. Total $ 361.52. But despite this value, it was worth it. My brother and I have herniated disk, now, we are able to do squats again. And he holds a lot of weight safely and without hurting. I researched a lot before buying and it was certainly the right choice.
Guilherme Eick
When upper body is under repair 2/11/2014
I used this extensively while going through shoulder reconstruction. It is very well made and extremely easy to use. With this as a dip belt, yes, I am back up to doing those, : you dont have to worry about it slipping off your tail. Most always wont with other belts but to make sure is a much better way to go. Used with a couple of sturdy boxes to make squats deep enough this is killer on legs.
Steven C.
You need this 12/9/2013
I use this belt a lot along with a loading pin; have spondylolisthesis so I refrain from putting much weight on my spine, e.g. conventional squat. Works really well even for a shortie like me using a wide stance. Maxes out at 405 for my setup, but I can stand on a plate or two and its a new exercise. This along with leg presses keeps my legs in shape.
- D. Mutchler, MS
Best leg exercise EVER! 8/21/2013
I was forced to medically retire because of numerous injuries to my lumbar & cervical spine. With all the titanium & steel in me I can no longer do Olympic bar squats. I still workout as hard as ever but I could not work my legs like I wanted to. The Super Squat hip belt solved the problem. I stand on two benches parallel to each other in front of a squat rack with a bar in front to help stabilize me. I warm up with 6,7 then 8-35lb. plates on the loading pin with the weight hanging between my legs. I do full squats without any pressure on my back. My one work set is 9- 35lb. plates which weigh around 330 lbs. with gear. I usually do 70-90 reps for one set and my record is 108 reps in one set. If you think youve ever worked out hard on an exercise you havent seen anything until you try this. When you feel like stopping you pause- and do one more rep. Being disabled it was really emotional when I broke 100 reps in front of my son and the entire gym. It is the only exercise I know that you can work as hard as your heart & mind will allow you to without your back or a weak point stopping you. When you cant do anymore you pause, and do one more rep. How strong are YOU? Thanks Ironmind
- Mike Hammel, CA
Does what it says 3/21/2011
A great device. I have back problems so I cant do squats. This belt hangs on your waist and puts zero pressure on your back. I use it with the loading pin and my legs get blasted. Wont do anything to strenghten your back, but your legs will be mush after 5 or 6 good sets. Already had friends coming over to try it, and they have loved it.
- John Kessler, WV
Definately one of the best investments ive made 3/9/2011
When they say that there is zero strain on the back, believe it. The hip belt is comfortable to use and very strong. Ive used mine for squats, calf raises, weighted dips and chins. The only thing to note is that it is a little awkward to use at first and you will need a set-up to get the weight off the ground - I use a set of car stands to rest the bar on which works fine.
Michael Stock