The Wrist Reinforcer™ Leverage Bar

The Wrist Reinforcer™ Leverage Bar

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Detailed Description

Focus solely on the wrist--forearm with the Wrist Reinforcer. Lever it, do hold-outs for time, try circles and figure-eights--and work your wrists and forearms into one very strong and very solid unit.

14" overall in length with a 1-3/8" diameter knurled handle; takes exercise plates (plate-loading end is 1-1/32" diameter, 4-1/4" long); comes with a Bulldog II Collar. (Plates shown not included.)

How to choose between a Wrist Reinforcer and a Heavy Hammer II:

  • With its 2" diameter handle, the Heavy Hammer II combines grip and wrist-forearm work. Longer and lighter in weight, it is made from tubing and is used with a spring clip collar (a Bulldog II Collar could dent/damage it).
  • The shorter and heavier Wrist Reinforcer, with its smaller grip, allows you to really focus on the wrist-forearm, using whatever poundage you can handle. Designed to take a real pounding, it is made from bar stock and uses a Bulldog II Collar for maximum security.

    We recommend that you choose between the two based on your training goals, as each has a valuable role.

    No. 1260 (7 lb.) $109.95

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    Great product. Need plates... 4/19/2020
    Awesome piece of equipment for functional wrist, forearm elbow strength connection. But I need more weight. Does anyone know where I can find plates that specifically fit this piece of gear? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    - Gray Jay, CA
    Best out there! 9/16/2013
    Iron Mind makes quality equipment. This is another example. The 1 3/8 handles on solid steel are perfect. I use two at a time for bilateral development. If you want cheap, look elsewhere. If you want quality, buy here.
    - Fred Lord, AZ