Tough-As-Nails™ Large Gym Bag

Tough-As-Nails™ Large Gym Bag

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Carry your things with confidence. IronMind's Tough-As-Nails Bags are proven for years around the world; great-looking; and constructed of super-tough Cordura with YKK zippers in task-specific designs--all made in the USA, of course.

Large Gym Bag: This premier gym bag is tough and versatile--and a frequent flyer:

  • easy to pack with a huge appetite: shoes, belt, warm-ups, lifting suit are just the beginning
  • 20" long x 11" high x 10" wide
  • detachable shoulder strap; handles with cover
  • 1 zippered side pocket, zippered pockets at ends; 1 zippered interior pocket
  • reinforced seams

CoC ID card included.

No. 1235 (2 lb.) $127.95

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The best bag around 5/12/2020
I purchased the bag back in 2007. 13 years later it is still with me. I have loaded it with strength gear and used it as my primary piece of luggage when I travel. Still barely has any signs of wear after being abused for over a decade. Also easy to wash. Air dries fast and it looks new again. The only gym bag to buy.
- Erik Blekeberg, CA
Bombproof 9/30/2019
Ive had this bag for over 5 years and it is used daily, all my strongman gear is swallowed up by it and it is thrown into the back of the car, kicked around the gym floor, sat on at competitions, Ive even ditched my normal luggage and use it when I travel. Still looks virtually new and years of wear left, going to buy the smaller duffel now to go with it.
Stewart Jordan
Best Bag Ever 12/1/2017
I have used this bag for over 8 years and its been literally all over the world with me. I put in my gear, carry the bag over my back using the shoulder strap and take it on planes, trains, boats, cars, on foot, etc, etc. I use it everyday to carry my workout gear and more. Best...bag...ever!!!
- Dave C, CA
Best bag ever 5/25/2016
I bought one of these in 2007 and it has held up to so much abuse I didnt think it was possible. I travel a lot for strongman and power lifting and I pack it to the gills with all my gear and anything extra I can think of. There have been no signs of heavy wear or tear on it. The shoulder strap is still hanging tough after all these years.
- Dennis Long, WA
1 year review 3/15/2015
I have used this bag 4 to 5 times a week to haul my judo/bjj gear. I am what you would call a heavy sweater and my stuff is usually soaked with sweat. Previous to this bag I would go through one in about 6 months were they would literally be falling apart at the seems. This one still looks brand new! Highly recommended.
Best duffle ever 3/11/2013
Id been using one of these for about four years when I needed to get a new gym bag for my daughter, who was on the high school swim team. I got her one of these, and she has used it for two years now. Despite rough treatment and being regularly soaked in chlorine, it has held up perfectly and is as new. She tells me all the other girls needed a new gym bag every year, because the chlorine just destroyed them. But shell be using this through college. Fantastic gift for any athlete, I would think.
- Brian Malley, MI