Large Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set

Large Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set

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9X World's Strongest Man veteran, IronMind's Tough-As-Nails Sandbags have quickly established themselves at the world's top strongman contests around the globe, as well as in serious gyms worldwide.

Rock on, indoors or outside, they're made for tough stuff, like lifting, carrying, and loading--and unlike a stone, they allow urban dwellers to do cavemen-centric training anywhere. Plus, they train your grip each time you work out.

Large Tough-As-Nails Sandbag Set includes:

  • Large Tough-As-Nails Cordura Sandbag, 24" x 36" and holds 300 lb. of sand fully loaded; can also be loaded partway or with lighter materials such as straw or rags if less weight is desired
  • Two 28" x 40" Large Liners (White) to use as full size or partially filled to make a bunch of sandbag "weights": fill, fold and secure with duct tape
  • The Complete Sandbag Training Course by Brian Jones

No. 1390 (4 lb.) large sandbag, 2 large liners, and training course (duct tape and sand not included) $88.95

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Doesnt hold as much as it says 4/13/2020
pretty disappointed in this bag. The construction is high quality, but it says it holds about 300 pounds of sand and at around 270 its so full I cant close it. I tried moving the bag around as much as I could to get it to settle a bit and after about 5 minutes it barely made a difference. Now I have to find a way to remove some of the sand and find somewhere to put it so I dont have to worry about it opening up all over the parking lot of my apartment complex.
- Jacob McBride, CA
Awesome sandbag! 5/8/2019
Ive had this for almost ten years and the bag seems unfazed! It is made very well and I havent had any issues with quality. I incorporate sandbag training in my workouts to gain functional strength and to an element of fun/torture. It will definitely outlast me! Very satisfied by my purchase.
- Bones, CA
Its a bag. Of sand. 11/8/2015
The outer bag is tough, and holds its shape well, making it quite easy to fill. I used some contractor bags with the supplied filler bags just to be safe, but the filler bags are quite hardy and would probably work just fine on their own. The outer bag has an inner closure with a pull string tie, and then an outer closure with a heavy buckled closure I dont know what those are properly called. I filled each liner bag with 100 pounds of sand, and find that they slide in and out of the bag nicely for changing the weight, and they fit securely while still being able to move. It feels quite nice on the hands, and rides on my shoulders without scuffing up my skin. Its just a joy to toss around and drag all over the place. Granted, it is a bit expensive for a sandbag, but due to its high capacity and tough construction, it is ABSOLUTELY worth the purchase price.
- AJ Rollo, AB
Practical Training 8/14/2011
I was literally smiling as I worked out with these the first time. Very fun to use; quite a change of pace from barbells, and quite a workout too. I ordered both a small and a large and was surprised at how hard they were to lift the first time, and how hard my heart was pumping. You havent lifted anything until you have lifted a heavy sandbag. These will give you incredible practical strength, and are very versatile, as you can train anything from cardio to 1RM deadlifts, overhead press etc. The outer bag is Cordura and should last years and many, many workouts, I would highly suggest them!
- Dean, INT
Awesome Strength Training Tool 5/21/2011
I have purchased a few tough as nails sandbags and they are what they say tough as nails! Me and The guys I train beat the crap outa these bags but they are just as new as when I purchased them! Great way to get stronger on all your lifts because of the fact that the sand moves on you while you try to clean the bag or carry it! Get some and get stronger on all you lifts nuff said.
- Jeff scott, CA