Two-way CoC Grip Set: CoC Sport Gripper and EYHB

Two-way CoC Grip Set: CoC Sport Gripper and EYHB

Item Number: 1402-EB
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Unit Price: $33.95

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Detailed Description

Do some serious work on building your grip strength in complementary ways, crushing and extending, for strong and healthy hands.

Captains of Crush Grippers are the single most important grip strength tool you can choose--for the fastest route to the strongest grip. The CoC Sport is where serious grip training begins; most people who lift weights can't close it at first. You'll want to master this gripper if your job or favorite sport or hobby involves grip strength.

After all that crushing, you'll want to work your extensors in the opposing movement with the Expand-Your-Hand Bands, building strength, muscle balance, and mobility. It's a great stress-reducer, too!

Specially-priced set includes:

  • No. 1402 - CoC Sport gripper @80 lb. - warm-up, conditioning
  • No. 1376 - Expand-Your-Hand Bands - set of 10 (2 of each level)

No. 1402-EB (1 lb.) $33.95