VR II+ System Chinning Bar Setup--sale

VR II+ System Chinning Bar Setup--sale

Item Number: 1217-CBS-A
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Unit Price: $229.95

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Detailed Description

For bulging biceps and batwing lats, chins give you commando-like strength for any sport or occupation that involves hanging onto something or pulling or swinging. For a lot of applications, how strong you are on chins is about how strong you are overall.

If you do heavy strict chins (no giant swings or kipping pull-ups, please) and want a design that slips into your Vulcan Racks Base Unit without big space requirements, this setup is for you. It's super strong and super easy to break down for storage or transport.

Chinning bar is a comfortable 1-1/2" in diameter and 48-1/2" long. Height adjusts from 56-1/4" to a maximum of 83-1/2".

An original Vulcan Racks, or Vulcan Racks II, II+, or III System Base Unit is required to complete the setup. Please note that our sideposts are made to fit only in these Base Units.

Sale setup has scratches on the chinning bar.

No. 1217-CBS-A sideposts and chinning bar $229.95