VR III Base Unit & Chinning Bar & WR Setups

VR III Base Unit & Chinning Bar & WR Setups

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Chinning Bar and Wrist Roller Setup combined with the Vulcan Rack III System Base Unit for bulging biceps, batwing lats and forearms the size of shoeboxes.

If you do strict pull-ups and want a design that builds on your Vulcan Rack Base and fits into any room with a standard 8' wall, this setup is for you. It's super strong, just what you'd expect from IronMind, while still super easy to break down for storage or transport .

The chinning bar is a comfortable 1-1/2" in diameter and 48" long. Height adjusts from 56-1/4" to 83-1/2".

Wish your forearms were the size of a shoebox? Here's how to laser torch your forearms without putting any strain on your shoulders or back. Slide your One Wicked Wrist Roller on the Wrist Roller Axle and blast your forearms until they are so fried, they have to grow. Height adjusts from about 37-1/2" to about 69-1/2"; axle is 1-1/16" in diameter and 49" long. (Wrist roller not included.)

Left and right base units with blue crossbar, the Vulcan Racks III Base Unit is the foundation for the Vulcan Racks squat, dip, chin and wrist roller bar setups. Adjusts in width from 16-1/2" to 49".

No. 1217-A base unit, sideposts, chinning bar, and wrist roller axle $849.95

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Good starting point 12/16/2013
If you plan to buy the Vulcan Rack III, this setup is highly recommended for starters because if you plan to use it for squats, you obviously need weight plates and a lifting bar and that equipment is very expensive. That is why I recommend you buy wristroller/chinning setup, then you can do chinups while waiting until you can afford to buy weight plates, and then later buy the squat uprights and dip bars. If you buy that squat upright setup right away, you will not be able to use the vulcan rack until you get weight plates at a later point. So I recommend this setup for a starter. The Vulcan Rack III is bigger than it appears on the picture, very beautiful and very solid, the wrist roller axle is very thick and heavy, it completely fills up the hole in the wrist roller. The chinning bar seems to be a little bit thicker than normal, which is good if you want to do static hangs to improve grip. Just excellent piece of equipment, you can build on this setup, its going to be hard to find something that beats the Vulcan Rack III in portability and expandability. If you start with this setup, you can do 1: Chinups 2: Pullups 3: Static Hangs 4: Hanging Leg Raises 5: Wrist roller work You can even manipulate it a bit and set the wrist roller axle as high up as possible and do static hangs directly from the wrist roller itself. I have not tried it yet, but it is definitely a possibility.
- Fredrik, INT