VR III System Chinning Bar Only--sale

VR III System Chinning Bar Only--sale

Item Number: 1217-CBB-A
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Unit Price: $50.00

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Detailed Description

Chinning bar only for the Vulcan Racks III System Chinning Bar Setup. The chinning bar is a comfortable 1-1/2" in diameter and 48" long.

Original Vulcan Racks, or VR II, II+ or III System Base Unit and sideposts are required to complete the setup. Please note that the VR III System Chinning Bar is made to fit only with the VR sideposts and Base Unit.

Sale item from the IronMind warehouse: 48" long, 1-1/2" diameter; powder-coated (black, satin finish) with some scratches: $50 (regular price is $109.95).

No. 1217-CBB-A sale top bar only for the chinning bar setup $50.00