VR III System Squat Racks w/ Double-Dip Bar Uprights

VR III System Squat Racks w/ Double-Dip Bar Uprights

Item Number: 1217-DB
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Detailed Description

The Vulcan Racks III System Squat Racks coupled with our Double-Dip Bar Uprights allow you to squat and dip your way to Herculean levels of size and strength just about anywhere.

Vulcan Racks III Squat Racks
Squats are the king for building bulk and power, and if you wanted to choose just one thing to do in your quest for muscle and strength, squats are it. And that's just the beginning of what you can do with genuine IronMind Vulcan Racks.

Amazingly efficient and effective, IronMind's Vulcan Racks were introduced over 30 years ago. They are more than strong enough for 1,000-lb. squats, yet they are light enough to move around easily and they have optional add-ons that allow you to dip, chin, and do wrist roller work, all in a footprint that's only about 4' by 2'.

Vulcan Racks are perfect for:

  • squats
  • presses and jerks from the rack
  • lunges
  • good mornings
  • benches
  • inclines
  • wrist roller work

Height adjusts from 37-1/2" to 64"; width adjusts from 16-1/2" to 49". Weighs 65 lb.; padded saddles.

Double-Dip Bar Uprights

Why do dips?

  • add slabs of muscle to your chest, arms and shoulders
  • avoid shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems
  • they're safe--you can't get crushed by the weight

Dip heavy, dip often, and get the chest, shoulders, and triceps you've been lusting after.

You decide:

  • how wide you want your grip to be by adjusting the width, from 16-1/2" to 49"
  • whether you want your hands in a parallel traditional grip or turned at 45 degrees, with these comfortable and secure 1-1/2" in diameter handles

Standard height is 48-1/2" off the ground, but can be raised to 52-1/2".

No. 1217-DB base unit, squat uprights, and double-dip bar uprights $772.90

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