VR III System Wrist Roller Axle Only

VR III System Wrist Roller Axle Only

Item Number: 1217-WRB
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Unit Price: $109.95

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Detailed Description

Wrist roller axle only for the Vulcan Racks III System. Axle is 1-1/16" in diameter and 49" long.

Wish your forearms were the size of a shoebox? Here's how to laser torch your forearms without putting any strain on your shoulders or back. Slide your One Wicked Wrist Roller on the Wrist Roller Axle and blast your forearms until they are so fried, they have to grow. Now you have three options:

  • if you already have the VR Base Unit with sideposts and chinning bar, just thread the Wrist Roller Axle through the sideposts
  • if you have a VR III set from 2011 or after, thread through the hole in the VR Squat Uprights
  • use in a conventional power rack: measure first to ensure that the width of the power rack can accommodate the 49"-long wrist roller axle

No. 1217-WRB wrist roller axle only $109.95