Vulcan Racks III Squat Racks

Vulcan Racks III Squat Racks

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Detailed Description

Add-ons let you squat, dip, and chin--and more!

The sultan of squat racks, with its compact design and easy breakdown, are ready for serious workouts at home. Proven for 30 plus years and more than strong enough for 1,000-lb. squats, Vulcan Racks are the top choice for rock-solid squat racks and the no-excuses workouts that go with them.

Vulcan Racks are perfect for:

  • squats
  • presses and jerks from the rack
  • lunges
  • good mornings
  • benches
  • inclines
  • wrist roller work

Height adjusts from 37-1/2" to 64"; width adjusts from 16-1/2" to 49". 24" front to back, 52" crosstube. Wing bolts for a no-wiggle fit. Weighs 65 lb.; padded saddles.

No. 1217 base unit and squat uprights $589.90

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vulcan rack 4/3/2021
very strong with the smallest footprint on the market. I bought 2 over 10 years ago and use them in a covered outdoor CrossFit. When I needed another I could find cheaper but not better.
- allen buck, TN
vulcan rack 3/24/2021
I bought 2 of these Vulcan racks approximately 15 years ago. They are heavily used in an outdoor CrossFit affiliate. They are roofed but open to the Tennessee weather on 3 sides. The reason I am replacing them is cosmetic. Naturally the paint has peeled and rust has formed. But they are still as functional as they were 15 years ago. I can buy many other brands for 1/2 as much, but will they be strong and safe and last as long as Ironmind? Also, we must move the stands almost daily to make room for other exercises. They are much lighter than other brands and easy for 1 person to move, but yet very strong. Also, the base is 1/2 the size of other brands and dont take up as much room. Im ordering new Vulcans.
- allen buck, TN
Attention to detail is apparent 12/16/2019
Just received Vulcan Racks III - Ironmind quality and attention to detail visible all over. First sign was packaging, all critical areas were protected and items secured to prevent shifting during transport. Survived coast to coast UPS Christmas season shipping without a scratch! The racks - perfect welds and coating. Each upright perfectly squared and leveled. Also ordered spotter racks and flat bench looking forward to similar experience. Thanks Ironmind!
- Stephen Lenhart, MA
Cornerstone of Training 12/9/2012
I bought my rack two, maybe three, summers ago. Its taken me some time to review it because Ive been too busy squatting with it! Its absolutely fantastic: I squat, bench, and military press out of it very frequently; its great for good mornings as well. Concerning construction: its sturdy enough to support the moon, but light enough to move with ease. It disassembles quickly; but once its assembled it stays PUT. And though function always trumps form, its a handsome rack if I do say so myself: sharp enough to be in the living room of my apartment! Who needs a TV anyway?
- Richie Whitehead, TN
Best on the market! 9/25/2011
The Vulcan Racks system is simply the best on the market. The design is clean, the rack adjusts easily and feels durable as all hell. I recommend getting the dip attachment too.
- G. Flores, CA
Solid, sttable, and very strong. 7/13/2011
Solid as a rock. Great service from Ironmind.
Simple but solid 3/18/2011
Great rack, simple to set up and take down for space but solid construction that you can trust