Vulcan Racks™ III Squat Uprights

Vulcan Racks™ III Squat Uprights

Item Number: 1217-VR
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Unit Price: $127.95

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Detailed Description

If you already own our Vulcan Racks Base Unit, and would like the Vulcan Rack Squat Uprights for squatting, here they are. Just remove the locking pins, carefully lift out your dipping bar uprights or your chinning bar or axle sideposts and slip in the Vulcan Rack Squat Uprights, securing them with the locking pins, and you're ready to go. Please note that the Vulcan Rack Uprights are made to use with an original Vulcan Racks, or VR II, II+, or III Base Unit only. Padded saddles; crinkle finish.

The Vulcan Racks Squat Uprights are perfect for doing squats, presses and jerks from the racks, lunges, good mornings, benches, and inclines.

You can also use your VR Squat Uprights with the One Wicked Wrist Roller and VR Axle to torch your forearms--just thread the axle through the hole in the Vulcan Rack Squat Uprights.

Height adjusts from 37-1/2" to 64".

No. 1217-VR squat uprights with padded saddles $127.95/pair