Wrist Defender Soft-Weight

Wrist Defender Soft-Weight

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Now with a wrist strap--take it for a walk! Use this friendly tool to gently loosen and stretch your joints, relieving pressure in the wrist area and promoting blood flow and increased range of motion.

The Wrist Defender works wonders:

  • targets the wrist area, for gentle stretching, strengthening and range-of-motion movements
  • doubles as a self defense tool - train and protect yourself while walking, running or hiking
  • relieves discomfort from carpal tunnel, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, and cramping in wrists
  • user-friendly and ready to use at work, home or while you walk your dog
  • made in the USA

If you're you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, repetitive stress injuries or cramping, here's a way to get some relief for those painful wrists, or better yet, prevent them from occurring. A couple of quick minutes with this friendly tool, gently loosening and stretching your joints, can make your fingers and wrists dance instead of drag. It's soft, so it's easy on your body (as well as your desk), with an ergonomic shape and strap that make it easy to hold on to.

Keep one on your desk or by your favorite chair at home or take it with you when you're walking, running, or hiking. Strengthen your wrists--and protect yourself from unwanted predators if need be.

Ergonomic shape, 6" x 2" and 1-1/4 lb.: contains no sand or lead.

No. 1438 (2 lb.) $24.95

Find out more about maintaining strong and healthy hands.

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Inflamed wrist 7/3/2019
I have an inflamed wrist at the moment. Purchased this to help me through another rehabilitation period. The best athletes suggested Ironmind to me. They have not disappointed me yet. Iíd invest in this before itís too late. I understand this tool will allow me to speed up the process along with rest. Through years of oly lifting, you learn from the greats that you must take care of your hands and wrist. I havenít even received the product yet, but I know it will go a long way. As does every product on this site. 👍
- John Breuwet, CA