York 160-kg Solid Rubber Disc Set

York 160-kg Solid Rubber Disc Set

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York Olympic lifting bars have been around for decades, and while they might not have the elite status of Eleiko, make no mistake about it: many, many world records were set on York Olympic lifting bars, and there are a lot of guys today who train on the bars their fathers bought around the time of World War II. The Olympic Training Bar is 7' long and 28 mm in diameter, with satin chrome finish, and weighs 20 kg.

A pair or two of the discs will allow you to get going on Olympic-style weightlifting: snatches and clean and jerks, even when you make them, are basically dropped from arms' length overhead, so you need plates that absorb the impact when they hit the platform. Designed to be used for the Olympic lifts, they can be dropped on just about any surface without damaging the floor, the plates, or the bar.

With these plates, you can save money because they are cheaper than true bumper plates and you are spared the expense of building a lifting platform. Plus, if you put a pair or two on the bar, you can add some metal plates for your additional weight (whereas, when you use true bumper plates, as much of the weight as possible must come from bumpers, so that you have the maximum number of plates to absorb the impact when the bar is dropped).

These rubber composition discs are probably the best way to go for high schools, gyms, etc. that want to give the Olympic lifts a try. Excellent value.

Discs have a reinforced 2-inch steel center sleeve and can be used with any Olympic bar; made with pulverized rubber combined with a polymer adhesive which is then molded using a high-intensity heat compression technique.

York 160-kg Solid Rubber Disc Set:

  • 1 Olympic bar with spring collars
  • 2 each of 25-, 20-, 15-, and 10-kg solid rubber discs

No. 1219-160 160-kg York Solid Rubber Disc Set $1,154.00 + S&H - please contact IronMind for a quote

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Great set 2/25/2011
I have been using this for about six months now. The plates are sturdy and can handle being dropped as advertised without damaging your floor from relatively high. The bar is of good solid quality, and in spite of the fading rubber smell and intially having to really clean them--they will blacked your hands and anything they touch at first if you do not do this--I can see this set lasting me for years to come. My one major criticism is about the collars, you get the little super cheap spring collars, so make sure you go find some good collars that dont fall apart on you in two months and start to slide off the bar all by themselves.