You Decide Double Dip Bar Uprights--sale

You Decide Double Dip Bar Uprights--sale

Item Number: 1311-A
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Unit Price: $159.95

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Detailed Description

If you already own our Vulcan Racks Base Unit and would like the Double-Dip Bar Uprights for adding slabs of muscle and more might to your chest, shoulders and arms, here they are.

Just slide the Double-Dip Bar Uprights in place, set the height and the width you prefer, and have at it. Please note that the Double-Dip Bar Uprights are made to use with an original Vulcan Racks, or VR II, II+ or III Base Unit only.

You decide whether you want your hands in a parallel traditional grip or turned at 45 degrees on these comfortable and secure 1-1/2"-diameter handles. Handles are 48-1/2" off the ground but can be raised to 52-1/2".

Sale uprights have scuffs and dings on the powder coating.

No. 1311-A double-dip bar uprights $159.95/pair